Anyone can mine with PiMP.

Use a modern interface to manage your rigs.

Get ahead of the game with bleeding edge PiMP mining software.

Professional mining tools that anyone can use.

PiMP your Dorm room.

Portable Instant Mining Platform

The cutting edge of mining software in an easy to use package.

PiMP 1.9 and 2.0 rc10 update just released Dec 22 2016: Click the image above to purchase!

GetPiMP sets the standard for bleeding edge mining platforms.

Supports the latest coins, algorithms, miners, and hardware.

Integrated monitoring and control.

All of our products are designed to provide you with easy ways to monitor and control your mining operations. From home, work, and abroad, you can have the complete picture.

Increase your earnings.

Our products are designed with miners in mind. We provide ease of use for new users, and powerful tools for professionals.


Years of Development



Thanks for the efforts that you and the others have put toward making mining as painless as possible. I've been a follower since 2014, but have only recently blown the dust off my old rigs and gotten back into mining. Once I got the systems to light up correctly, I...
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Used the older version with my scrypt asics so I have been waiting for this. Being my first cpu miner this has been a learning experience from day one. I tried a competitors mining OS and while it is a good start it is still in its infancy. I had to fool with it,...
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Meister-T: I am familiar with crypto-currencies for a while now. But I thought it was too technical for me, to set it all up etc. When i found out about how easy PiMP was, i just had to try it for myself. I now can recommend the PiMP software even to friends who are...
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We are proud to offer secure payment using Paypal (including by Credit Card) as well as BTC. We do our best to choose merchants that offer the best service for all of our worldwide customers.

“The cutting edge of mining software in an easy to use package.”


PiMP is already proven to put miners needs first. It has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times. The mining community knows PiMP and trusts PiMP because of this.


The PiMP community has been strong and helping one another with new coins, algorithms, hardware, and techniques for years and will continue to be a powerful way to collaborate.


PiMP stands the test of time and will continue to provide the easiest way to mine with GPUs and ASICs using linux. You get everything we have learned making BAMT, PiMP, PoolManager, FarmWatcher, pimpupdate, sgminer, and many other things. Products and Services

PiMP Classic

The original PiMP OS Image, Completely rebuilt. You can Image, Boot, and Mine instantly. Featuring rolling updates, the latest miners, and brand new tools.

getPiMP’s own SaaS Hosted web application that allows you to monitor and manage farms and rigs from anywhere. View alerts and problems on a whole farm at a glance!


The Next Generation of PiMP: Install over top of existing Linux distro to turn it into a complete mining rig and farm control platform.

Want 10% more hash from your rigs?

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