Hello PiMPs!
We have too much news for you to wait until June and we want to get you the latest mining tools as soon as we can, so here’s BREAKING MAY NEWS!!!

First off… thanks for all your feedback and support that you give to this project.
This has not gone unnoticed and let me be the first to tell you about this awesome new edition to the pimp family line of products.
We have made great improvements to the foundation but stuck to the roots of stability and testing everything thoroughly to make sure that you have a good mining experience with profits.
On that note we would like to welcome a new testing/support team member garretthaae, he has already been hard at work helping the team get new features working smooth.

Another Special thank you to our volunteer translators who have been helping us put the community pages on the site. We now have some Dutch, Russian, and German FAQ pages up to help our new pimps feel welcome and can get started easier. If you would like to offer translated documentation for your community we would be very happy to have it. Just give us a shout!

Today we are proud to say PIMP 2.1 is launched and rocking it’s foundation, this heavyweight brings you the support for the latest flagships of AMD:


NEW! nvidia support including the new Titan XP and 1080Ti
amd RX 400 series support
NEW! amd RX 500 series support
a whole new kernel and all drivers up to spec
all miners were also updated to all current versions

This product also comes with the free version of the minerfarm monitoring system that lets you view your awesome rig.

We have gotten lots of compliments on the new miner.farm home page and for this, we thank you. Also, we received a lot of thank yous from the pimps about the ability to reboot the rigs and we are glad to bring you this feature! Stay tuned for even more control of your rigs from the website.

We are excited to update some of the other parts of the site to make it even easier to use.

Control and manage your rig anyplace, anywhere, anytime with a subscribed version.
Take a look at this awesome product on https://miner.farm
We value your feedback here to make our product better for you https://goo.gl/forms/VSuwIGUhjGXE2vid2 please fill this one out completely anonymous to directly help making the product better.

Community/Testing/Support Manager
mail: dbct@getpimp.org
irc: dbct