Hello Pimps!

Did you know that with a purchased copy of PIMP comes a Free base subscription of Miner.Farm – A webbased control and monitoring system for your rig.

If you are already using Miner.Farm and any awesome features yet ???

so if you are a small hobby miner or a bigg farmer you can do it just the way you like

start and stop your miner from anywhere

switching pools

switching miner program

monitoring problems and setting alerts

collapsible farm view to make it easy

having a private farm

whatever your style or flavor of mining is this tool makes your mining experience easy

For a preview of the farm come and have a look here : https://miner.farm/farmer/pimp/farmstatus

Did i mention that it is an affordable tool just look at the prices on https://miner.farm/whoareyou

if you are a very large pro farmer we also have some great options for you then contact us if you are at info@miner.farm or info@getpimp.org


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