Portable Instant Mining Platform

The cutting edge of crypto currency mining software,
in an easy to use package.

What is PiMP?

People are making money with PiMP.

You  write it to an SSD and boot up.

There are many people to help you anytime.

PiMP is one of the most popular and trusted mining OS. It has been the standard for linux mining rig design since its inception in 2012. Since then there have been many imitators!  You can download PiMP OS and write it to an SSD and it will be all ready to go as a professional mining rig. It has all of the software and tools you need for mining whether you are brand new to mining or a professional farmer.


With PiMP, you can easily monitor and control your mining rigs:

  1. Control everything from Secure SSH, by typing commands into the terminal on the rig. (Example: pimp --test 1)
  2. Connect rigs to miner.farm API to monitor and control many rigs from the mobile web app.

Customer Reviews


I've finally had some time to set miner confs up and what not, hook agents to the miner.farm, i have to say I am very impressed with the built in features, seems like everything i click on shows me something i did not know i wanted but now do. Not being a Linux guy, I...


Once I got my mind wrapped around the basics (with the help of the PiMP Cr3w on Discord) I was able to start mining. Two solid days of mining so far with a 0.00% Reject rate. PiMP is stable. PiMP is solid. If its the $35 fee (more like a donation) that is giving you...

Why PiMP?

GetPiMP sets the standard for bleeding edge mining platforms.

Supports the latest coins, algorithms, miners, and hardware.

Integrated monitoring and control.

There are several easy ways to monitor and control your mining operations. From home, work, and abroad, you can have the complete picture.

Increase your earnings.

PiMP products are designed with miners in mind. You get the best of both worlds: ease of use for new users, and powerful tools for professionals.


Miner.farm Users

Years of Development

“The cutting edge of crypto currency mining software,

in an easy to use package.”


PiMP is already proven to put miners needs first. It has been downloaded nearly 200,000 times. The mining community knows PiMP and trusts PiMP because of this.


The PiMP community has been strong and helping one another with new coins, algorithms, hardware, and techniques for years and will continue to be a powerful way to collaborate.


PiMP stands the test of time and will continue to provide the easiest way to mine with GPUs and ASICs using linux. You get everything we have learned making BAMT, PiMP, PoolManager, FarmWatcher, pimpupdate, sgminer, and many other things.
We proudly accept Paypal, Credit Card and Bitcoin, as well as many other crypto-currencies such as Ether, Zcash, Doge, and Monero!

By miners, for miners.

Write PiMP software on a drive. Boot it. Enter your key. Enter your wallet. You’re mining. Easy enough? You bet.