Here are some good things to have in your global configuration in the sgminer-experimental miner profile on PiMP, especially if you are having difficulties with the X13/X15 algos and/or errors or nonce errors with NiceHash!

“show-coindiff” : true,

this changes the display a bit, but shows the actual coin diff on the miner console, helpful for troubleshooting or gaining insight.

“hamsi-expand-big” : “1”,

NOTE: This has to be in each X13/X15 POOL as well as global (upstream bug)

We visited this one in a previous blog entry, it has to do with the Hamsi algorithm that is part of the X11 etc. Click here to check it out.

“disable-rejecting” : true,

Disable rejecting stops submitting shares if a pool gives invalid nonce or share above
target, so that you dont get temp banned by the pool.

“extranonce-subscription” : true,

NOTE: This is needed for NiceHash compatibility. Use this if you are using NiceHash.