Hello PiMPs!


It’s always an interesting day around the mining scene when AMD releases new graphics drivers! 


AMD Released Catalyst 14.9 for Windows/Linux 9/29/14  – Official release notes

No mentions of OpenCL, and heres the results of our initial round of testing: 


Miner: sgminer 5.0.0-6-ge481   (Sgminer 5 main branch 9/30/14)

Reference card: MSI 7950 Twin frozr

 Voltage: 1.188 Powertune: 20

Engine: 1120 Memory: 1250

System: Sempron 145  Intensity: 18, Worksize 64  GPU-Threads: 2
Ram: 4gb 1600    
Mobo: Asrock 970 extreme4    Temp w/ 75*f ambient
OS: PiMP 1.7.0 (Debian 7 64 bit kernel 3.2.x )    
13.12 catalyst, 64 bit build X11: 3.2mh 61*c
14.6 catalyst, 64 bit build X11: 3.926mh 69*c
14.9 catalyst, 64 bit build X11: 3.522mh 66*c
OS: PiMP 1.6.0 (Debian 6 32bit / bigmem (PAE))    
13.12 catalyst, 32 bit build X11: 3.2mh 62*c
14.6 catalyst, 32 bit build X11: 3.922mh 70*c
14.9 catalyst, 32 bit build X11: 3.625mh 67*c


Note: 14.9 hashrate ramp up time was very long, up to 3-5 minutes to get up to its maximum speed vs <1-2 minutes for 14.6/13.12

Well, there you have it, at least for X11 14.9 is a net loss right now on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.  Check back in the coming days for the public release of Pimp 1.6.0 and 1.7.0!

Also, Scrypt was tested and still only produces HW Errors under 14.9, meaning 13.12 is the only driver version able to mine scrypt/scrypt advanced N coins.

We’ll add more algorithms to this table as time allows to gather more data, and see if any algorithms benefit from AMD’s latest changes.