Hey PiMPs!!

Melt here to update you on your upcoming Christmas presents from the PiMP team.

First things first: We have completely rewritten all the tools for what miners need today and ditched all the old code. Thanks to all of our contributors and customers. Wait till you see what you bought, you are going to love it.

We are going to be releasing the new PiMP 2.0 by Christmas. This will be in 2 forms:

PiMP v2.0 (pimp-2.0-amdgpu) will have the New Drivers (AMDGPU-PRO) which will be supporting the AMD RX 300/400 series cards. See product details for GPU listing, but it’s been developed on RX480, RX470, and R9 390s from the beginning.

PiMP v1.9 (pimp-1.9-fglrx) will be the same exact thing, but with the Old Drivers (FGLRX) that does not support the new RX series cards, but works very well with the older cards like HD 7970 and R9 270X which have been used to develop.

Both will ship with support for all previous algorithms, with native fan control and full miner.farm support for the most popular algorithms including Ethereum, XMR/Monero, Zcash, and Decred, all on GPU, as well as XMR/Monero and Zcash CPU mining support out of the box, and of course, our ASIC/Gridseed support remains!

This could not have been possible without the sound advice from the PiMP team, which has been growing like wildflowers since our release in October. Thank you to you all and hold on because now that we have the awesome platform ready, we can start playing with all the fun new ideas we have been accumulating!!! Keep sending us your feedback, come see us in irc, comment on the post, and sign up for the newsletter for exclusive updates.

– melt.