Many of you have asked about PIMP including sgminer5. While we are normally excited and eager to implement the latest and greatest the mining community has to offer, in this case we must decline at this time on the basis of extremely poor coding practices.

We are very excited to see continued development on one of the hottest mining programs available, and we are very interested in the features they are currently trying to implement; algorithm switching in particular, and we agree that this is a necessary feature in todays mining environment.

However, the method used in this case is poorly thought out, and uses the laziest method available without regard to current or future implementations. No consideration was given to pre-existing dependencies in the ecosystem. Very simply, someone paid for a feature, and it was executed in the most expedient way possible. If you wish to use it and get any help with it, please direct your questions and comments to the author (Mrbrdo) and funders (Nicehash).

Because this feature was not planned or thought out, and zero consideration was given to how it may affect related applications, it does in fact break a great number of things. It is our opinion that with slightly more effort and a will to write sustainable code, this feature could be implemented in a way that works for everyone. Unless and until this code is written in a way that is supportable and sustainable, we are not going to waste your time, or ours, trying to work around it.

We will be opening a detailed Github issue on the sgminer tree regarding the specifics of the issue at hand. We do offer more than complaints, we bring solutions that work for everyone, and will be presenting them there.

Thank you for your support,

The PIMP Team