Just sharing some valuable info from ystarnaud, a member of the PiMP team and one of the stars of the sgminer show! Everyone join #PiMP and thank ystarnaud for all that he does for mining! One way to improve X13-X15 performance over X11 is dialing in your hamsi algorithm….

Please note, all of this stuff is experimental and your mileage may vary!

X11-X15 is all same config… except you can add parameters to improve hamsi performance on X13-X15

hamsi-expand-big: 1 is more performance on 7xxx and R9 series.

hamsi-expand-big: 4 is better for older 6xxx cards that use “old” kernels (cant handle more than 10 kernel functions)

hamsi-short:true is good for X13-15 on 7xxx/R9 ( that doesnt work on 6xxx cards that cant handle the regular kernels)

it loads a shortened version of the hamsi helper code, i guess reducing overhead