Happy Holiday’s, Crypto Miners!
We have been excited to welcome a great burst of new people as well as the usual regulars that always seem to know what is going on in crypto!
Thanks to your honest feedback, we went back to the basics. We have been optimizing, slimming down, and bug fixing to get the stability PIMP is known for. Haven’t tried PIMP yet? What are you waiting for…. There’s coins to be made!


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Nvidia and AMD combo rigs! Custom kernels and drivers! And more! Start unwrapping!!!

PIMP-2.4.1-ALL: RELEASED 20171216:

This release Added NVIDIA/AMD Combination rigs support! (Nvidias before AMDs!!)
Yes, This is the best image for ALL AMD & NVIDIA & Mix-and-match GPUs! (Except some people with AMD R 7000/200/300 series may still get better hashrates with the old 1.9 fglrx distribution.)

Other Big Features in PiMP OS 2.4:
* Added PolarisBiosEditor Visual Video BIOS editor for AMD GPUs to local GUI/RDP desktop. Save, Edit, Replace AMD BIOS from a GUI or the console.
* Custom PiMP kernels and drivers for extra mining stability and performance.
* Made key validation easier to understand and what may be causing a key problem.
* Updated firefox homepage and shortcuts in GUI for easier support.
* Added atitool for more amd tweaking ability.

Major infrastructure overhaul! We continue to build the new platform and migrate to more powerful servers and codebases every day. The community continues to grow and we are experiencing the crypto boom like never before. Over 4,000 hits a day on the forum alone! And that means lots of people helping each other make more money with mining.

Support Team Shout Outs:
We would like to welcome a bunch of new beta team members as well as some veterans such as ldemorgan4 and Zamasu that have been helping other pimps this month! The community is our main focus and we appreciate all those who make it the best place to swap ideas and have fun mining!
Improvements have streamlined the product to be able to handle even the most hardened miners out there. Sign up for a free account with Miner.Farm and capture realtime graphing of your rig’s performance!

Forum Highlights:
Category: Unsolved There is a new “Unsolved” button right at the top so you can see questions that were asked and still needing some help, or ongoing concerns and investigations! Any information can help, and you might see your question there too, so you will want to check this often. Also there are brand new 1080p video guides for both New pimps getting started, and helpme / troubleshooting, check those videos out on the forum: Getting Started -> Quickstart topic, and the Troubleshooting -> How to troubleshoot your rig topic.

NEW! Beta Team Business Tips:
Autoswitching is something that a lot of new miners ask for. The pro miners know that this seems great but it is not. The pros want you to know that the goal is to keep as many rigs mining as much as possible. Any automatic switching or changing when you manage many rigs causes loss of profit due to downtime. They say: Calculate your profit based on the numbers and don’t forget to factor labor costs, payout schedules, etc. in when you are making decisions about your farm.


Post your rig in the Rig Showcase on the forum with photos, settings, and hashrates. We will be giving out prizes for some new categories in the coming months! For more great information about mining, come join us in the PiMP Discord!!