You can find the latest PiMP version supporting ASICs and AMD GPUS on this page for you to download.


“If this program works for you please consider donating to the developers. They have put in countless hours and sleepless nights, angry girlfriends and whatnot to make and continually support and develop this platform. They earn recognition in the form of a donation, a click, and a big fat thank you on IRC!” – by IRC User TLWeb (i sponsored this website and my time to the team)

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Stable Releases


v1.5.6 beta – RELEASE NOTES (Released July 13 2014)

  1. To contribute to the features of your choice please visit the features page.
  2. The 14.6 AMD Drivers have the latest X11 optimized miner for 14.6 that will increase your hashrate. For example on Sapphire 280X there is a gain of 1Mh from 3.3Mh to 4.3Mh. On 290(x) the increase in hashrate is even greater!!



v1.5.5 beta – RELEASE NOTES (Released June 5 2014)

  1. R9 290 may go sick when mounted as primary on 14.4 (upstream issue in drivers)
  2. Sick cards may hang the rig a few minutes after getting sick, possibly related to incorrect mem clock setting
  3. Logs may need to be manually deleted (you can use the command cleanlogs to do so anytime (ignore any errors it gives).
  4. x11 sgminer does not print version number at the top of its screen
  5. * Auto Mine on Boot is not working reliably. To Fix: pimpupdate run #6



Testing/Experimental Versions

Below are pre-release testing images of PiMP.

These images are experimental and should be treated as such. These may or may not be supported by pimpupdate, and you should not expect these releases to be feature complete.



  • We do not provide tech support for test builds.
  • You will be expected to TEST and have things break. You have to report in. Then we can work together to fix them.
  • Please Report bugs via in #PiMP-dev (NOT THE MAIN CHANNEL #PiMP) to sling00, studeer, or melt7777. If we say a bug has already been reported or is a known issue, please do not continue to post duplicate information about that bug.
  • This is NOT a backdoor into getting the latest releases.


Enjoy – The PiMP Team

{jumi [*9]}

None available at this time (1.5.6 is latest).

Also, don’t forget to check out the example configs page for 14.6 settings!

Okay, I’ve downloaded. Now what?

You can find that info on the FAQ/Getting Started page.



Please Take the Time to Support PiMP Development…

  • Use the donate button to contribute directly to development costs.
  • Mine to the default testing/donation profiles we have included.
  • Help Shape the Future of PiMP! Donate toward a feature request that you want! (To request a new feature, seek us in IRC to assign your request a bounty address. Be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.
  • Cheap with your Coins? No problem! Donate your time! We are looking for the following help:
    • Web Designers
    • Marketing People
    • Documentation Writers
    • Testers

    Please contact melt7777 or sling00 in irc if you are able to help. We appreciate you!