PiMP Rig #13: Elvensmite’s MULTI-ALGORITHM 3x R9 290 machine!

As of 2014-08-26, this was cranking out 14 Mh/s on X11!

2x Gigabyte R9 290OC (Non-reference Windforce)

1x XFX R9290 Double Dissapation

Hashes at 4500-5000 Kh/s EACH on X11

PiMP Version:
3x R9 290
1.5.6 AMD-13.12
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Corsair AX1200i
1x to 16x

Why did you switch to PiMP?

BAMT was out of date, PIMP is easily the most up-to-date all-in-one program I’ve found for mining. That’s not even including the great staff that it comes with.

What do you like best? least?

The constant progress is definitely the best part. That, or the fact that it’s free.

Why did you donate to PiMP?

I decided to give back since I really enjoyed the project and want to help keep them pushing forward

What do you think of the way we develop and add features?

It’s a great method, donation-based on what the end-user wants. Unique, and lets you know what the majority of your userbase wants

Config file:

“intensity”: “17”,

“gpu-engine”: “0”,

“gpu-memclock”: “0”,

“gpu-threads”: “2”,

“gpu-vddc” : “0”,

“gpu-fan”: “60-100”,

“gpu-powertune”: “20”

“worksize” : “64”,

“failover-only”: true,

“default-profile”: “x11”,

“temp-cutoff”: “95”,

“temp-overheat”: “90”,

“temp-target”: “75”,

“gpu-engine”: “0”,

“gpu-memclock”: “0”,

“gpu-threads”: “2”,

“gpu-vddc” : “0.0”,

“gpu-fan”: “60-100”,

“gpu-powertune”: “20”,

“shares”: “0”,

“kernel-path”: “/usr/local/bin”,

“api-allow”: “W:,”,

“api-listen”: true,

“api-mcast-port”: “4028”,

“api-port”: “4028”,

“auto-fan”: true,

“expiry”: “1”,

“failover-switch-delay”: “5”,

“gpu-dyninterval”: “7”,

“gpu-platform”: “0”,

“log”: “5”,

“no-pool-disable”: true,

“queue”: “0”,

“scan-time”: “1”,

“temp-hysteresis”: “3”,

“show-coindiff” : true,

“keccak-unroll” : “6”,

“hamsi-expand-big” : “1”,

“disable-rejecting” : true,

“extranonce-subscription” : true