We are very sad to see TradeMyBit close down. As you know, we used them for a while for some of our donation pools. We wanted to make sure our PiMPs know about this great pool closing. We still have many great pools to pick from though, so keep hashing!

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Here is their goodbye message from the site:

2014-12-17 at 06:09pm EST: It saddens me that it has come to this, but TMB will be closing its doors. Wallets and website will stay up for at least 2 weeks to allow users to withdraw coins. During this time, the auto-exchange will continue to run on coins that are exchangeable. It’s been an absolute pleasure mining with all of you, chatting in IRC and on twitter. I’ll always be around as merx on freenode, and merc on the irc.trademybit.com server. Thanks for the great year!