Spring is here, and we’re clearing house, out with the old, in with the new! Everything is blooming, get your mining numbers in the green by investing in top of the line software for managing your rigs! Take 30% off your purchase with promo code:





Our 2.5.1 version has you mining like never before! `pimpup` with XMR rig and stack miners, AMD and NVIDIA. Get more tunability and performance compared to previous version. Enjoy improved work on the XM rig to help keep your NVIDIA cards profitable for longer. Experience blazing fast CDN downloads. We’ve also added support for RavenCoin! Follow more updates on the changelog!

Support Team Shout Outs

Interested in getting a taste of 2.6 before it’s released? Join our beta team! Shoutout to our new beta team members choma, Twizted and Sequal! Get a look in behind the scenes on PiMP development by joining our beta team. Exclusive content on the forums, directconntact with the devs, and all of the sweet PiMP updates before it’s released to the public! Email beta@getpimp.org to join!

Miner Highlights

Twice a month miner rollups for april included the latest updates to claymore, ethminer, and a whole new major miner, xmr-stak, so you can mine amd, nvidia, cpu, and has special custom pimp enhancements, such as the addition of coin names, so you can specify currency=masari, bbs, electroneum, and there’s several other coins too! We also added some profile handling features like removing a user profile from minerfarm!

Web Site Updates

We recently upgraded to a world wide CDN for blazing fast CDN downloads! The forum has moved providers and doubled to two twin forum servers to handle the growth of the community, keep showing up in awesome numbers y’all.

Beta Team Business Tips

Last month we launched our CLUBHOUSE CALL for all PiMP lovers and customers. Join the call on Discord (Every Wednesdays 6pm EST/3pm PST) to get face time with our dev team, hear the latest product updates, and updates with our beta team.