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PiMP Users Guide in web and PDF formats!


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Live Chat

Talk live with the other PiMPs!

PiMP Live Chat

This is a live group text messaging interface, like a “chat room” or Slack. When you join, please be patient as we are not all here 24/7. Most of us check in several times per day.

  1. Read the Documentation First!
  2. Ask your question in detail and be patient.
  3. Choose a nickname so we know who you are.
  4. You can install a proper IRC client like HexChat for a better IRC interface.
  5. Become a regular. This is the place to be for bleeding edge coin mining discussion. We are glad to have you!

Post your message and wait for someone to respond, or, join the lively conversation!

Anyone can mine with PiMP. PiMP the world!

So far, 91 countries have been PiMPed as of 2016!