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Frequently Asked Questions

We need your voice, miners! This is our live interactive FAQ section. Feel free to ask or answer any questions here about mining and vote your favorite answers!

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PiMP Live Chat

This is a live group text messaging interface, like a “chat room” or Slack. When you join, please be patient as we are not all here 24/7. Most of us check in several times per day.

  1. Read the Documentation First!
  2. Ask your question in detail and be patient.
  3. Choose a nickname so we know who you are.
  4. You can install a proper IRC client like HexChat for a better IRC interface.
  5. Become a regular. This is the place to be for bleeding edge coin mining discussion. We are glad to have you!

Post your message and wait for someone to respond, or, join the lively conversation!

bigPiMP (The PiMP Information Bot)

In the IRC channels, we have a bot that provides useful information, especially FAQ answers that you can use when supporting customers.

Here are commands:


!btc (shows the current btc price in an easy format, against USD and EUR)
!price (!price eth will show the ETH prices/market cap/volume, like extended coin price info)
!++ (Gives one karma point to a person in irc that was helpful e.g. !melt++)
!karma (Shows the current points for that person)
!g (Searches google)
!ud (Searches
!w (Shows the weather)
!dns (Perform DNS lookup on an IP or hostname)

!lart (Insults someone)
!flirt (Flirts with someone)
!roulette (Play russian roulette with the bot.)


!confs Want to edit your conf files the easy way? Check out this Guide:

!faq Hashrates, Settings, Pimp rigs, and Questions and Answers are found in the PIMPS corner: Feel free to comment and add!!

!free is PiMP is now paid commercial software. For more information: please read this entirely:

!guide Here’s the latest Users Guide! is the website, and on the rig you have: pimp –help and minerfarm –help

!helpme Please open a PiMP terminal / SSH and run the command helpme . It will give you a debian paste URL at the end. Give us that URL so we can take a look and help you.

!investor Interested in learning more about the family of products? Check out our company profile at today!

!kb Need Help? Check out our Knowledgebase at

!mf is the secure farm management and monitoring tool of choice designed purely by the voices of pro miners. Details at

!mobaxterm Want more than PuTTY? PiMP recommends mobaxterm, available free at

!noapi Where is the missing miner info? Why is a value “NA” or always 0? What does “No API” mean? Go to for more info!

!ng PiMP-ng is the next generation of PiMP for professional farm managers that will install over existing custom linux platforms. Details at

!pascal Ready to mine Pascal the easiest way? PIMP has an app for that.

!pimpfarm All PiMP Classic rigs get free access to PRO monitoring at by joining the PiMP farm! Check it out at today!

!product19 Check out the PiMP 1.9 Product page for details:

!product20 Check out the PiMP 2.0 Product page for details:

!quickstart Watch how to start mining XMR within 5 minutes of booting PiMP!

!rigs Check out some of the PiMPed out Rigs that the pimps built!!

!sshkey Check out this video how to enter your PiMP Key using SSH!

!whichver Which version? 1.9 or 2.0? Check out the announcement video at

!zcash The fastest and easiest way to mine Zcash (aka ZEC, Equihash) is with PiMP. For details, visit our Zcash page:


Anyone can mine with PiMP. PiMP the world!

So far, 91 countries have been PiMPed as of 2016!