PiMP provides a variety of support resources.

1. Frequently Asked Questions

First, scroll or Control-F search our FAQ to see if your question is answered.

2. Users Guide

Then look at our professional PIMP Users Guide that is updated regularly. This is where you will find commands, step by step instructions with pictures, and the changelog.

3. Help Videos

We have made some simple videos to try to help you with things like getting started with mining, and keying your rig. More videos on the way soon!

4. Live Chat

This is an instant way into the PIMP community where miners of all kind share their tips and tricks and help each other make profit with crypto.

5. Discord Chat

If you like our community or would like a nicer interface for chat, voice chat, and other features are in our Discord community. This is even bridged to our Live Chat IRC!

Frequently Asked Questions

We need your voice, miners! This is our FAQ section. Feel free to ask or answer any questions here about mining and vote your favorite answers!

Sales and Pricing

Questions about the cost of PiMP OS, subscriptions, and how to buy.

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Getting Started

Questions about how to download PIMP, how to setup accounts, how to key your rig, and other setup steps.

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Configuration and Daily Use

Questions about configuring PiMP and and other ‘Daily Use’ type questions.

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How to solve problems with hardware, software, and how to fix mining issues.

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Ask a Question!

Feel free to ask any question you may have!

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PiMP Live Chat

This is a live group text messaging interface, like a “chat room” or Slack. When you join, please be patient as we are not all here 24/7. Most of us check in several times per day.

  1. Read the Documentation First!
  2. Ask your question in detail and be patient.
  3. Choose a nickname so we know who you are.
  4. You can install a proper IRC client like HexChat for a better IRC interface.
  5. Become a regular. This is the place to be for bleeding edge coin mining discussion. We are glad to have you!

Post your message and wait for someone to respond, or, join the lively conversation!

bigPiMP (The PiMP Information Bot)

In the IRC channels, we have a bot that provides useful information, especially FAQ answers that you can use when supporting customers.

Here are commands:


!btc (shows the current btc price in an easy format, against USD and EUR)
!price (!price eth will show the ETH prices/market cap/volume, like extended coin price info)
!++ (Gives one karma point to a person in irc that was helpful e.g. !melt++)
!karma (Shows the current points for that person)
!g (Searches google)
!ud (Searches
!w (Shows the weather)
!dns (Perform DNS lookup on an IP or hostname)


!lart (Insults someone)
!flirt (Flirts with someone)
!roulette (Play russian roulette with the bot.)


!confs Want to edit your conf files the easy way? Check out this Guide:

!cost What does PiMP Cost? What about 20+ rigs? Check here:

!cpu Want to mine with your CPU too? You can mine with GPU, CPU, and ASIC all on a PIMP rig. For more information check out

!crate Want to build a PIMP crate rig? Check out this photo guide as a starting point:

!faq Hashrates, Settings, Pimp rigs, and Questions and Answers are found in the PIMPS corner: Feel free to comment and add!!

!free PiMP is now paid commercial software. For more information: please read this entirely:

!guide Here’s the latest Users Guide! is the website, and on the rig you have: pimp –help and minerfarm –help

!hashrates Check out the PIMP reported hashrates and share yours!

!helpme Need help? Please open a PiMP terminal, run the command helpme and it will give you a URL at the end. Give us that URL so we can help you.

!hexchat Hate the webchat? Check out this great free client for all platforms!

!intensity Intensity? You can specify the mining intensity several ways. They are all essentially multipliers. Here is a full documentation for sgminer:

!investor Interested in learning more about the PiMP Company? Check out our company profile at today!

!mf is the secure farm management and monitoring tool of choice designed purely by the voices of pro miners. Details at

!mobaxterm Want more than PuTTY? PiMP recommends mobaxterm, available free at

!noapi Where is the missing miner info? Why is a value “NA” or always 0? What does “No API” mean? Go to for more info!

!nvidiaPiMP 2.0 for NVIDIA available NOW! You can purchase PiMP here and Check the card compatibility page to see which version to download:

!pascal Ready to mine Pascal the easiest way? PIMP has an app for that.

!pimpfarm All PiMP Classic rigs get free access to PRO monitoring at by joining the PiMP farm! Check it out at today!

!pimprigs Check out the latest farm photos, build notes, and other rig-porn in the PiMPS Corner! Submit yours today. Mining is fun!

!product19 You can purchase PiMP here and Check the card compatibility page to see which version to download:

!product20 You can purchase PiMP here and Check the card compatibility page to see which version to download:

!profiles For the complete list of PiMP Managed Profiles and Confs, please see Section 1.7 in the Users Guide:

!quickstart Watch how to start mining XMR within 5 minutes of booting PiMP!

!refer Is there any referral or affiliate program so I can earn money for recommending PIMP? YES! Check out the following FAQ info: You can find your referral URL in the green box on your account page:

!review We need your feedback about PiMP and! Please go to to post a review, and check out what the other PiMPs have to say too!

!rigs Check out some of the PiMPed out Rigs that the pimps built!!

!sshkey Check out this video how to enter your PiMP Key using SSH!

!tools Check out our recommended tools for IRC and managing rigs:

!whichver Which version? 1.9 or 2.0? Search by GPU:

!zcash The fastest and easiest way to mine Zcash (aka ZEC, Equihash) is with PiMP. For details, visit our Zcash page:

Bitcoin checkout temporarily turned off due to UASF in Bitcoin, for more info, check and here and here ~ We will turn it back on when it is safe to do so. Paypal is still active.