About PiMP Team

We are proud to offer you the best mining tools we can make.

Introducing The PiMP Team

PiMP keeps on growing, and we are proud to name some of our valued contributors who have been with us, day after day, fighting with bugs, code, and life itself. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of the PiMPs who have supported us and helped us grow as a project and now as a business.


CEO, Platform Developer


melt is thankful for the opportunity to serve the miners with great tools and make cryptocurrency easy to mine for anyone. Read more…



President, Interface Developer


lily has been writing the best mining tools and understanding the needs of miners for over 6 years.  Read more…



Infrastructure/Kernel Developer


Anjin is an experienced Infrastructure engineer with a long history of advanced linux and systems engineering. He offers a rare blend of overall understanding of user-to-metal interactions. He conceptualizes and develops tools to hunt and isolate problems as well automate any process. Thanks to Anjin for brilliant work with the other team members, both on the PIMP server fleet and our applications that we use every day!

Thank you very much to all of the PiMP family for your support!

Innovative Ideas

All of our tools are made directly from input from our customers. We are always working on improving your mining tools!

Timely Support

You can find miners helping miners, as well as PiMP developers and testers, 24/7 in the #PiMP livechat to help you stay profitable.

Advanced Technology

Sit back and let the PiMP team test all the latest software and write tools to support it. A couple commands can get you the latest updates and miners.

Clear Communication

You have seen PiMP team helping miners make more profit for years. You can trust that PiMP will always put your needs first as our customers.