Behind the PiMP: ahmedbodi

Introducing ahmedbodi, one of the great mining developers!

ahmedbodi is a programmer whose brilliant code has been used by hundreds of thousands of miners, pools, and wallets for several years. ahmed has been a friend to PiMP and has provided many hours of assistance not only to the PiMP project, but for other projects that the PiMPs and PiMP devs have assisted with, both public and private. Thank you ahmed for all your hard work benefitting the PiMPs and the crypto community as a whole. And doing it while taking a full load of university courses! We are so proud of you.

Here are a few questions that the PiMPs had for ahmed:

so how did you get involved with dev work on the stratum protocol?

there wasn’t a community effort making stratum work with alts so i decided since i was working on it myself i may aswell contribute back to the community.

what was the most fun project you worked on so far?

working on building a mining pool empire. the late nights and suddenly waking up to new coin launches was exhausting but fun

and are you still with that project?

not really. there was an attempt at pool ops working together. but when some greedy op’s came
along it went in the gutter which made me feel like there wasn’t any point in continuing

yes, i can see how you would move from that. so how is school in the UK? what is your favorite class right now?

last year of university. almost finished. hate it really… pretty much nothing i enjoy lmao

what dont you like about it? do you get bored learning about non-computer stuff?

super, also learning computer stuff i already know…also being forced to sit in a room for hours with no breaks for smokes or snacks… lol

so if you could just be done with that and start a business right now what would you do?

something crypto related. I’ve had my eye on various things lately… mining pools, multipools, exchanges, payment processors

any new projects you’ve been working on lately?

been helping out another dev who’s making something that’ll blow so many crypto’s out of the water with enough marketing

ooh! that sounds awesome! is it going to involve mining?

i don’t think so. but i think i know of a really nice way PIMP can be involved in it

GREAT answer! with your experience what would you say to someone that is thinking of getting into mining?

mining isn’t an easy way to a quick buck. but its a way to support the community of coins that you support, keeping them strengthened and paving the way for crypto to thrive in the long term

so true! what do you like about paying for things with cryptocurrency and getting paid in it?

i like helping to get other people involved more into crypto and increasing the usability of something that is spreading like wildfire

you still watch those confirmations with excitement dont you 🙂

depends lol. sometimes with agony. sometimes with excitement

anything else you wanna say to the pimps?

explore the crypto world, its a vast space, feel free to jump right in the deep end, you’ll enjoy it
^ a matrix quote would have been so perfect right now

Thank you ahmed for taking the time to talk to the PiMPs today!

Github Profile

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