Behind the PiMP: Snipa

Introducing Snipa, a terrific linux administrator and pool developer!

Hi there! I’m Snipa!

I’m a linux system engineer turned devops engineer over my current career path, with extensive experience in docker, multiple scripting/coding languages, including NodeJS, Python, and Bash, having done Python professionally for the last 3-4 years as part of my devops career. I am currently extremely active within the Monero community, recently having finished a Forum Funding System (FFS) proposal for
open-sourcing a modern version of the old Node-Cryptonote-Pools.

I’ve given some assistance to the PiMP team recently in tracking down an unusual bug in Xorg, stemming from some of the weirder (but normally sane!) settings that come from that. With approximately 10 years of professional linux system administration experience, I’ve spent a great deal of time under the hood and arms-deep in the debugging of various linux processes, so I was glad to be able to give the PiMP team a hand with this project!

I’ve been toying with cryptocurrencies for the last couple of years, and dabbling around with them for the most part. There hasn’t really been one that super-caught my eye so far past Monero (I missed the BTC
train, as did so many of us!), which is where I spend most of my personal time working on stuff now. I hope to see cryptos take over more of our day-to-day transactions, moving away from fiat currencies and into the digital world, as it’s simply so much easier to deal with!

Github Profile

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