Meet dbct, our newest member of the PiMP Team!

dbct is the PiMP Community/Testing/Support Manager.

We are pleased to introduce dbct, who has been providing support and advice for not only the PiMPs but the PiMP team as well. He can be seen talking to the PiMPs in irc at all hours.

About Me

Hi! I’m Rudolf Klaver!

I’ve been in cryptocurrency mining since 2012 as a hobbyist miner. In 2015, I started working for a pool as a ticket support master – the pool went down, so did my job. Then 2016 came around and what a fiesta it’s been! New coins, new cards, and a new job – working alongside my fellow PiMPs as a full, official tester and support rep.

It’s been a great experience so far – testing, tweaking and taking apart the PiMP software lets me ensure you have the best experience and a hassle free product. They deserve it, after all!

Come join our Discord/IRC and let’s chat! If you’ve got any questions, I’m happy to assist.