Meet melt, Co-founder of the PiMP Team!

About Me

Hi! I’m melt!

I first read about Bitcoin in Wired magazine back in 2008 and I didn’t really understand. Then a few years later I stumbled upon BAMT software and I started getting involved mining LTC. That’s where I met lily, on IRC. We really worked well together on making mining better for all of us, helping people with BAMT and making lists of things everyone wanted! Then we finally decided to do our own Portable Instant Mining Platform. And PiMP was Born!

For years we have been directly involved in shaping mining development: coins, algorithms, miner software, wallets, all of the developers have been terrific working with and supporting our efforts. It is due to these collaborations with miners and developers alike that we have been able to build our products. It is an honor to serve crypto and our fellow hobbyists with PiMP and minerfarm!!

Come join our Discord, Invite is at, and let’s chat! If you’ve got any questions, I’m happy to assist.

It’s not as pretty as I would like, but only because we are constantly changing everything! These rigs are used to develop the software so really we just need a few of each kind of GPU.