• 27.5mm X 27.5mm wooden beams (calculate how much you need with the list below, and how much cases you want to build
  • Screws, you can find out yourself I used 4.5mmX 50mm
  • and some smaller screws for the plexiglass and the GPU’s
  • 1 X Plexi glass(you could also use another material with a nice smooth surface for the adhesive spacers)
  • 6 X adhesive PCB spacer


  • (electric) Saw
  • cordless drill
  • tapeline
  • pencil
  • 2 right hands
  • wood file
  • 3mm wood drill or smaller

First saw the beam in the following pieces:
4 X 560mm
2 X 370mm
2 X 205mm
2 X 113mm
2 X 225mm
2 X 507mm (this one could be a tiny bit smaller/longer)

Then start with making a square of 2 X 560mm & 2 X 370mm beams. See picture below.
after that, put the 370mm beam in the center. 170mm from the front side.
170mm could be something else, I used an old mother board to measure the 2nd row of holes in the motherboard to be on top of the 507mm beam.
If you use plexiglass + adhesive spacers like I do, this distance isn’t really important.

After this you have to screw the 205mm beams on top of the “front” beam.
use another piece of beam to measure the distance to drill the hole. Do this on both sides.
See picture below.

After this, you can screw the 225mm beams horizontally to the 205mm beams(height isn’t really important, measure by hand if it is not too high for the 113mm beams on the bottom later)

I don’t have more building pictures anymore.
but I do have some final product pictures below with beam sizes, so you’ll find out!
it’s really easy.
Tip: you can make the upper 2 560mm beams longer, so the GPU’s have more “breathing” space.