How to get hashcat onto a working pimpOS rig. (don’t bother with this unless all your cards are working)


1. cd to the directory you want it to live in.

2. wget
(or use the latest link to the binaries download here:

3. 7za x hashcat-
(this decompresses the archive into a folder of the same name, less the 7z extention)

4. cd hashcat-

5. ./hashcat64.bin -b
(run a benchmark and see just how beastly your rig is)

a. Beyond setting it up and benchmarking, I haven’t had a chance to attempt proper cracking yet. There is a good chance the exec timeout warning will cause issues when in the thick of it. Details here:

b. Running a bunch of cards on PCIE1 risers at pcie2 might present a bandwidth issue with wordlists, but probably not.

c. Teeny levels of RAM and wimpy CPUs commonly present on rigs, might present an issue, unknown, see a.

My benchmark (6x gtx 1070s):