Over the past eight months PiMP received three version releases: 1.9/2.0 were released as a set supporting legacy and modern AMD GPUs (See: Which PiMP is right for you), followed by 2.1 released supporting NVidia. During this time we saw record numbers in growth, as the only Linux mining platform to support nvidia users!

Alongside this rocket growth, Miner.Farm has seen great improvements in fixes, structure, and setup. Improvements have streamlined the product to be able to handle even the most hardened miners out there. Sign up for a free account with Miner.Farm and capture realtime graphing of your rig’s performance!


Our team has been working over time to meet the demands of our new Nvidia users. Overclockers, your voice has been heard and we have been dying to release the new gputool. The new gputool allows for fan and clock management, PER-GPU, for both AMDGPU and NVIDIA versions of PiMP.
Get this via your pimpup or the new img located in the “My Downloads” page on getpimp.org.

For details how to use gputool, Check out our gputool post in the PiMP Guide section 4.4

Are your stats wrong? Are you getting 0mh/s but the miner is running? Does it say screen is terminating without starting the miner? Does the miner not run? Does the miner screen exit? Here is how to fix it!

Step 1: Run the command pimpup in the terminal and update both the PiMP software, as well as the miner you are running.

Step 2: Does this profile run fine with the defaults? For example, profile 2501 uses ewbfminer and you can restore the default config with: del nvidia.ewbf.zcash.pcfg and then run it with: `pimp –test 1` (if it is miner id #1 in the `pimp –list`).

Step 3: If `pimp –test 1` does not show you the right information you can go a step further and run without stats and without the screen. This is just for testing: `pimp –debug 1`

Step 4: If you run fine with the default conf then you know it’s your conf that is the problem. Double check it with checkconf command.

If you’re having any other problems, come join us in our Discord Channel!


We’ve upgraded our server fleet to handle the 100+ rig farms we have running simultaneously online.
The download servers have been upgraded and scale with demand to ensure swift download and install.

New images. New kernels. New NVIDIA drivers. New AMDGPU drivers. New overclocking tools. All served with the same support and community included with all of our PiMP and Miner.Farm products!


PiMPUP reminder – stay on top of the latest updates by entering “pimpup” in your terminal screen.


Chat in real-time with other miner.farm members from around the world and the dev team by joining our Discord Channel!

Zamasu who has been helping new members and been a major support to the devs – we’re excited to continue to see the awesome work he does!
thesmokingman made some huge contributes this past quarter and we’re pumped to see him grow from being a tester/supporter to a jr dev member!
Last but not least, jadaking is and has been a great force in helping us with the support. Thanks for being awesome!


‘showme’ – This is an alias we built to a pastebin service. You can do ‘showme filename’ or ‘showme command’ and it will paste the output to the pastebin.

Find all the helpful tools via ‘pimp –help’ and ‘minerfarm –help’


With being one of the first platforms to support Linux users, and the explosion of the Nvidia market this month, we’re excited to see lots of new great miners with great ideas for how to use our tools to optimize your mining experience. In the future, you can expect to see us feature cool new rig designs and some awesome workshop articles.

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