Hello PiMPs and non PiMPs

PiMP this month has seen a lot of new people as well as the usual regulars that always seem to know what is going on in crypto!
Thanks to your honest feedback, we went back to the basics. We have been optimizing, slimming down, and bug fixing to get the stability PIMP is known for.

Miner.farm has continued to grow in every way. The PIMP farm, the free accounts and subscribers have continued to suggest great ideas and improvements and the service keeps getting better thanks to you!
On top of that it is a awesome way to view control and manage your rigs from 1 rig up to a big farm
This brings me to the best stuff the getPiMP family has put up for all of you to help you stay ahead.
On top of this all we had the breaking may new release for you all and are getting great feedback on that aswell.


PiMP general:
-the new config are in full effect ( please run pimpup to get them the old configs will go out of date and be unusable).
-new cli commands like –add , –delete and –debug are working as a easyway and more stable then we could ever imagine.
-Special thanks to the help of our contributor iceman we have been able to make the images smaller and more secure.
-Special thanks to the help of our friends from SilentArmy we now have a special kernel for the 2.1 version of pimp as well as some other optimizations.

PIMP 2.1 AMD and NVIDIA Release:
RX 5xx series Support
New AMDGPU 17.10 Drivers
New Linux 4.11 Kernel
Optimized by Silentarmy
New, simplified and easier to understand Managed Mining Profiles and config files
More information provided during key validations
Created by a Professional Testing and Support Team, the first of its kind in crypto platform development.
Many small bug fixes

pimp 1.9 and 2.0
New, simplified and easier to understand Managed Mining Profiles and config files
More information provided during key validations
1.9 rc16b released this is the proper rc16 release


The over 640 minerfarm users tell us that the system has a firm and solid foundation.
With more features coming out this year we are also working hard on expanding the way we present and view miner.farm
we have been testing the error reporting and the mailing so that you get the best we can put out for you.

Testing/Support Team Corner:

New Testers:

Special thank you to thesmokingman and SEH for extensive nvidia development work. Thesmokingman has gone above and beyond what we ask of PIMP Testing/Support Team and we are very thankful.

SPOTLIGHT ON QUALITY: % of Copies sold that required support:
JAN: 1%
FEB: Dev Teaser:

We have been working on the nvidia overclocking scripts overclocking support for amdgpu coming soon.

Feature Spotlight:

pimp –test this is a awesome way to see if your setup works like a well pimped out machine. It will show you the start up miner command that it uses, starts the miner and then attaches to the miner screen automatically. This allows you to see more information about what the miner is doing on your rig.

Quick Tips:

Why do we check sgminer -n in the helpme? You can get right to the point. If the miner can see the GPU, we are pretty much good to go. Beyond this, is just editing the conf file, add miner, start miner. Problems? Probably your conf settings, pool or network issue, or hung GPU.

DBCT question of the month:

Because we value you as a miner we are constantly working on new things but we could use your help.
What feature are you missing in PiMP ?
mail me at dbct@getpimp.org

To wrap it up for this month:

Crypto mining is getting more traction as it gains more support from the public every day.
With BTC , ETH, ZEC and others reaching for the moon many people turn to the cryptoworld as a great way of making money and having fun and a great time with tweaking and getting the most out of there system.

As the first original professional mining OS we are proud and excited about this.
We encourage new miners to try PiMP and start mining and using crypto

Stay tuned for more stories and case studies from our friends and supporters and even our competitors, as we dig into what makes a successful mining operation, so we can all grow and learn together with PIMP.

Break Break
In a firework moment the pimp dev team made a great breakthrough at the last moment for all you nvidia users , the EWBF now shows almost all the info you wanted in minerfarm.
This is not the end of the feature and pimp and minerfarm will keep working on the fans aswell this is still a very significant breakthrough.