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Dont want to tinker? In less than an hour you can mine Zcash with optimized settings.

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Mining made simple.

Put PiMP software on a stick. Boot it. You’re mining. Easy enough? You bet.

Examples included

Sample configurations for many algorithms are ready out of the box. Plug in your pools and go!

Be ahead of the game! Use PiMP instead of spending hours installing miners.

Both PiMP 1.9 and 2.0 come with Zcash GPU and CPU mining support ready to go.

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Mining Zcash made simple:
1. Buy and Download PiMP Classic. (Complete checkout to get the download links)
2. Write it to a SSD, plug it in to a rig, and boot.
3. Put in your PiMP Key (You need 1 key per rig.)
4. minerfarm command and add a Zcash miner. Currently we ship profiles for sgminer-gm, optiminer-zcash-amd, claymore-zcash-amd and nheqminer (cpu).
5. Start mining Zcash!

Most common question: What miners can I use???

A: Right now for AMD GPUs you have three options.

Option 1) sgminer+sgminer.zcash.conf: This profile uses sgminer-gm miner and the sgminer-gm zcash conf file. sgminer-gm is the most API-compliant and most reliable Zcash miner. If you want the most stability but not the highest hashrate of the day, choose this profile.

Option 2) zecminer64+claymore-zcash.pcfg: This profile uses Claymore’s fee-based AMD Zcash miner and a claymore-zcash pcfg config file. While he does not provide API data, Claymore’s miners usually are fairly reliable without much handholding, and get good hashrates. Note, Claymore takes a % of your hash for using this miner, not PiMP. This is Claymore’s business model.

Option 3) optiminer-zcash+zcash-opti.pcfg: This profile uses Optiminer’s fee-based AMD Zcash miner and a optiminer pcfg config file. Optiminer usually has the highest hashrates, but the poorest stability. Some versions require special config flags, hard reboots on hangs, etc. Note, Optiminer takes a % of your hash for using this miner, not PiMP. This is Optiminer’s business model.

We also provide a Zcash CPU miner profile: nheqminer+zcash-cpu.pcfg This will allow you to CPU mine for Zcash at the same time that you are mining with your GPUs, or if you are just looking to CPU mine only, you can use this option.

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