So, I’ve been mining on Pimp now for 6 weeks, and like most people trying a new Operating System (OS) was nervous to say the least, having been a Windows man on my life!

Melt, Lily the founders (co-founders no sure which way round that should be), dbct and the rest of the crew are friendly, open, honest, give you the time of day, have the technical know-how, and the human touch that has help me grow in understanding, confidence in using the Pimp OS system, and in with the live chat feature, allows me to have access not only to their expertise (which is amazing!), but to other fellow mining user’s, and it’s vibrate mining community spirit of helping each other out, and of course, having some chill out friendly banter about what ever the day has brought to us

In my opinion, as long as you are open minded to learning new things, and tinkering the bios settings, riser cards,GPU’s, and if you wish overclocking and undervaulting the GPU’s, then I can say that Pimp OS will be for you. The key to remember here is it’s all about trial and error in the first days or even weeks of starting out. The support is first class, and as I’ve said above Melt, Lily, dbct and the rest of the crew will give you all the support, pointers, advice, anecdotes when you’ll feeling frustrating that you will ever need to keep you going and get your rig working!

I still use Windows 10 re testing overclocking and undervaulting as I’m still relatively new to Pimp OS, and this not only gives me the confidence in myself and my ability, but allows me then to take the settings and modify them over to the Pimp OS platform.

Thank you again melt, lily, dbct, thesmokingman, and the community (all the users via live chat), couldn’t of made such headway without your assistance!

Kind regards,

Louis 🙂