Summer is in full swing for most pimps and we are keeping our rigs hot and our wallets piling high with coins. Lots of big changes in the pipeline for pimps including big AMD driver upgrades, major stability fixes, and better tuning ability!


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Headline: Privacy: Please Read


PiMP has always been the advocate for crypto currency miners. As miners ourselves, we know that your expectation for privacy is mission-critical and key to what we are all working toward. That is why we have created a privacy policy for you at and we are in compliance with GPDR and other regulations that protect your data. This is in addition to the regular Terms and Conditions at Roadmap (HOT!)


We know you have not seen much changing on and that’s because we have been making major changes that required us to do a lot of backend work. What you need to know is: 3.0 will work with existing PiMP rigs, it will allow you an easy place to manage your farm as well as other farms, and all of the buttons and functions will be easier to access and provide visual feedback so it’s easier to use.


PiMP OS Platform Roadmap


The brand new AMD and NVIDIA drivers have been focused on linux kernel 4.15 and so we are going with the PiMP 4.15-cheesesteak kernel for PiMP 2.7. The new drivers should allow us to offer better AMD performance and stability. Currently, PiMP OS offers outstanding hashrates on AMD cards with a simple One Click Strap mod and gputool overclock. This is all included in current versions of PiMP.

Moving forward, we plan to use this kernel+driver platform as the base for 3.0. We will be showcasing upcoming headline features for 3.0 in the coming months. Make sure to check the changelog every couple weeks!

Support Team Shout Outs


Special thank you and applause for DocDrydenn, who has been promoted from Beta to Support and has been helping the PiMPs stay PiMPy and mining with more uptime!

Interested in getting a taste of 2.7 before it’s released? Get a look in behind the scenes on PiMP development by joining our beta team. Exclusive content on the forums, direct contact with the devs, and all of the sweet PiMP updates before they get released to the public! Check out for details!

Miner Highlights


Twice a month miner rollups for may and june included the latest updates to bminer, claymore, ethminer, and a whole new major miner, z-enemy, so you can get higher hashrates on x16r/ravencoin and xevan coins using your nvidia GPUs!

We also added some small features like `gputool –reset` to rebuild your gpu-config.json in one step.


Web Site Updates


The new logo and colors are in effect on and Thank you again to those who participated in the PiMP Logo Competition. Stay tuned for more contests and promotions!


Beta Team Business Tips


This year we launched our CLUBHOUSE CALL for all PiMP lovers and customers. Join the call on Discord (Every Wednesdays 6pm EST/3pm PST) to get face time with our dev team, hear the latest product updates, and updates with our beta team. So far it has been great talking with all of the miners and pimp team about GPUs, cooling, mining strategies, and fun ways to spend coins!


Thanks for reading! See you in the Discord Chat!

From all of us at the PiMP Team, thanks for supporting PiMP OS and!