Hello Pimps

Wow it has been a interesting month again and we see some pimps really pushing the envelope in tweaking and tuning their cards and using minerfarm to see their results.
This is a great thing to see as the enthusiastic home /hobby miners have a great time with our product we are getting great feedback.
A miner came in the other day and asked for assistance. We provided what he needed and it turned out we got some great feedback so we had adjusted the guide and workshop content accordingly.
Another great thing is we see more and more miners using minerfarm and we have given our mobile friendly monitoring platform a great facelift.


Yes we have one.
As time goes on we from pimp sometimes leave some hidden easter eggs here and prize questions here and there all over the site.
Mr evilmrkipling18 congratulations with your 1 month free upgrade to farmer status on minerfarm.
This gives him more control of his miner or his farm from anywhere he has a web connection.

A quick reminder to check the guides, FAQ and videos for new information. Also a special thank you to all of the miners asking questions on the FAQ! We have put a ton of time into making the guides and videos and we have a lot more planned for you.
We have been excited to watch the #PiMP Live chat IRC channel grow! More and more miners have been coming in to discuss and help one another so come join us. We have a wide ranging Testing/Support team and are connected to other mining communities too!


This pimpup brings us the command line pimp –add , pimp –delete and the awesome pimp –test and pimp –debug he screen wrapper for easy troubleshooting.

We are also continually updating and working on the confs to make them easier to understand and manage.

Keep your eye out for the pimpup or pimp news message on your screen when you login! This means our dev and test team have added something good! Usually an update of a miner or an update to pimp, we always try to get you the best as fast as we can so you can earn more hash!

The helpme was bolstered as well to make it easier for you, your fellow miners, and the support team to determine what is wrong and help you with the info you need to get back to mining as fast as possible.


Now that we have a super stable and reliable piece of software and service and worked hard on the back end our devs have started working on features to give you more.
As we are doing this to give you the best features be sure to don’t miss out and stay ahead of the wave.


We made a place for all miners who want more , well here it is you get more with pimp workshop https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner/workshop/ .
In the workshop miners like you that want more or get an edge can request an article or make a article to help or get the info they need for their ultimate rigg.
Be sure to check it out.
Want to pimp out your personal webpage , now you can with https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner/op-pimp-the-world/


PiMP Dev team has been hard at work testing hash and reliability using new linux kernel customization, drivers, and platform changes. We are proud to say we have had support from some of the biggest names in mining, and thanks to them we are going to be offering major improvements to PIMP OS. We are about to put PiMP 2.1-amdgpu into final testing phase so you can get the most hash for your new cards!!! Stay tuned!!!

WE NEED YOU!!! pimp/minerfarm:

We have a great team and great community but there is always room for you to help us get even better.
We hope that you can spread a positive word and buying and subscribing to pimp and minerfarm are very great things to support us, there is also another way we also need to fill out some spaces to make the pimp team bigger please look at https://getpimp.org/help/about/ to see how you can help make this product even better.
In short we need you.

We are trying to make a cool vid with pics and vids, in order to do this we call upon our great community to help us out with content of pics and just a short movie that we may use for this any content you want to share please mail it to dbct@getpimp.org


Minerfarm and PiMP OS are doing great since the launch of the 1.8 back in october 2016 , since then we have more than 600 active users and ever growing. We continue to sell several copies of PiMP OS a day and have had very little support needed: We are extremely grateful for all of our Testers and also our “PiMP Power users” who have worked tirelessly on QA to be sure that you get the best tools we can give.

If that is not enough we still try to stay at our roots with 1 on 1 support via irc and the videos and guides.
So don’t miss out on our ever evolving programs and services and the hidden easter eggs we sometimes plant. Crypto is freedom and crypto is fun. Enjoy!

Community/Testing/Support Manager
mail: dbct@getpimp.org
irc: dbct