I started Crypto Mining 1 Month Ago, I started with Windows 10, as I am a windows guy for over 25 years and has been on Mac now for 5 years as User, Programmer and Admin… But NO Linux. I was searching the web for something easy, well documented, powerful and tweakable, which will allow me to take out the maximum power of my RIG. I tried lucking for AMDs Card without luck, so I got NVIDIA Card , my favorites for Gaming, against what every blog said. I found PIMP read everything in there web page I felt they were no just another Software, but a Full package Operative system with Real Miners Enthusiasts and Engineers that use their own product and understand the needs of the Mining community. I Purchased with so much hope it will be what I need… I WAS RIGHT This is what any crypto miner needs! My Rig is producing more MHs at a lower power consumption, at least 25% more cost effective than using Windows.

The system works “out of the box” you just need to change the wallet address, but I encourage you to go deeper and learn it. Just like cooking or fixing the car, you got to put love on it and get dirty.

Is easy to follow the documentation and there is an outstanding community behind this Operative system. DO NOT Think is gong to be next,next,next,Done! Nothing in the crypto mining world is like that, this is a new fresh adventure and you need to be willing to spend time to learn, understand make mistake and try again. Is easy to use if you follow all the steps. I purchased other OS like Simple OS, EthOS and i will not use them again since they were a lot more complicate, without direct developer support.

I recommend you to get PIMP, enroll in the Community Channel using Discord and START. If I see you around I will help you myself as a lot of people have help me. Read the Guide https://getpimp.org/guide2/ without jumping read step by step and you will be ready for your journey.

WELCOME To the PiMPs Club!