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The latest news about getPiMP and cryptocurrency development and mining.

PIMP Referral program officially launched!

Is there any referral or affiliate program so I can earn money for recommending PIMP? YES! Check out the following FAQ information. https://getpimp.org/faq/is-there-any-referral-or-affiliate-program-so-i-can-earn-money-for-recommending-pimp/ BE ADVISED: Please read...

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Updates: 2017-02-04 pimpup and 2.0-rc13 image

Overview of rc13 release Hey PiMPs just wanted to let you know there's some new updates released in time for Valentines Day. Although we posted the changelog on the product pages I also wanted to provide some commentary and opportunity for you to comment and ask...

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Miner.farm new lower prices and Paypal now accepted

Hello Pimps! Did you know that with a purchased copy of PIMP comes a Free base subscription of Miner.Farm - A webbased control and monitoring system for your rig. If you are already using Miner.Farm and any awesome features yet ??? so if you are a small hobby miner or...

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More Zcash, Optiminer, and PiMP Software updates via pimpup!

Hello PiMPs! So far everything has been running smooth - but they keep releasing updates to miners! Thankfully, you’ve got the PiMPUp Update Platform. This lets you get the latest miners sooner - and get a huge head start above the competiton. Thanks to PiMPs coming...

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Want to work on the most fun crypto dev team? Apply now.

the testers and devs have been working up more guides for you. a good reminder to all of you if you want to get involved with pimp now is your chance we are currently expanding in our test team department you can fill in the first form via...

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It’s here! PiMP 1.9 and 2.0 are released.

Announce video: https://getpimp.org/video-brand-new-pimp-software-to-mine-cryptocurrency/ Quick Start Comes as a pre-built image so you don't have to install drivers and programs yourself. Default configs and miners are provided so you can mine out of the box. Simple...

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