We are proud to announce the NiceHash and WestHash Automatic Profitability Switching Profiles are now Built-in to PiMP PoolManager!! Released Aug-27-2014 via PiMPupdate and will be included in upcoming 1.5.7 and newer PiMP releases.

An easy way to enter in their drawing at nicehash.com/giveaway to win an AntMiner S3+ (Sept 8 2014 to Oct 8 2014)


  • Note that some algorithms use more power than others, here are algorithms known to use more power Scrypt, Scrypt-AN, Keccak, and to a lesser degree nist5… please be careful to make sure you have adequate power headroom for these hungry algorithms.

  • Scrypt and Scrypt-N are disabled by default ( f0=0,f2=0 ) this is for the safety of your hardware, also note that Scrypt/Scrypt-N will only work on pimp versions using 13.12 catalyst drivers. Why? On 14.x driver versions Scrypt/Scrypt-N will only generate HW errors due to OpenCL changes AMD introduced with the 14.x line which have not been corrected in sgminer.


  • Open a Terminal.
  • First, you need to pimpupdate to add the capabilities if you are not running 1.5.7.

  • Type: pimpupdate at the terminal. It will ask you if you want to continue to main menu, then ask to update itself. Say y to both.
  • You will see a screen like this:

    Select option #7 to install the NiceHash/Westhash capability.
  • You will see a screen like this:

    Choose Yes, and then go read this blog article that you are reading right now. It also warns you that your default poolmanager.conf will be reset, so you will have to re-enter your e-mail notification settings and other changes you made to PoolManager Configuration.
  • Type changebtcaddress yourBTCaddresshere to autmatically modify all of the profiles to use your own BTC payout address:
  • You may choose to clear and delete all of your kernel .bin files. We added a script to do this automatically. Run cleanbins in the Terminal to do so.
  • Open PoolManager.
  • Select the NiceHash (EU-based) or WestHash (US-based) Profile and click Switch:
  • You may click Miner and then click the /opt/ifmi/cgminer.nhmulti or (whmulti) to edit your configuration for each algorithm to tune your cards settings from the defaults:
  • Click the Start Button to start mining and you will see all of the NiceHash and WestHash algorithm auto-switcher pools show up. Only the actively chosen algo/pool will be alive and the others will be seen as Dead. It will auto-switch based on profitability:
  • And now, by the power vested in PiMP, you may automatically switch to the most profitable algorithm and coin and get paid out in BTC!

Advanced users only:

The following page will provide detailed information about configuring your algorithms and profiles in your config file: nicehash.com/multialgo

This is a non auto switching version of a nicehash config file you can use to test/tune your profiles to drop into your auto switching profiles (Advanced users only):