November News and Announcements
The holiday season has begun, and we’re trimming the turkey and stuffing the tree, lining our stockings by the fireplace and making our wish list for PiMP release version 3. As we focus our aim to 2018, we are grateful for all of the growth that we experienced in 2017, and through the years past.

We want to give a huge thank you to our early adopters who believed in the product from the very beginning and have been supporting us ever since!

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PiMP OS News:
This quarter we’ve been focused on tackling a few major bugs, all changes and updates can be found on the changelog.

  • With the new 2.3.30 images we have reached the stability that we are known for and we are happy to report this is the #1 feedback given about the latest PIMP! And we all know: Uptime => Profit.
  • We’re excited to welcome Jason to our dev family! If you’re interested in joining the PiMP Team, check out our jobs page ( !

Support Forum Highlights
Since launching our support forum earlier this quarter, we’ve seen a great amount of activity, and wanted to highlight some areas for you to get started:

Beta Team News
This newsletter we want to recognize MVP blackice – You need help on the forum? He’s there. You need help on the discord? He’s there. A special Thank you to blackice for quick answers and taking the time to look up information that helps get miners hashing faster with PiMP.