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We appreciate you being a part of the PiMP Project and for reading our newsletter. We want to hear from you, so jump in the PiMP discord at and tell us what you want us to be working on. Also, check out our #culture-food-fun and get to know your fellow miners and have some fun.

Strategies for Staying Profitable

The PiMP Community remains flexible and has all the tools and advice and help that miners need to stay profitable in any market. Come chat with us!

AMDs for cheap!

I just grab a 570 8gb same brand for £170 with 20 month warranty, and work out at 80 watts it cost me £6 Per gpu for electricity per month, whereas 1080 costs at 160 watts per card £12 per month so 50% saving. What an eye opener for sure ~ Louis, PiMP Support Team

Time for Fine Tuning!

Running MSI Armor GTX 1070 now and getting about 30 MH/s ETH: 0.30MH/Joule @ 100 watts with gputool settings at nvc 175 nvm 800. I must squeeze out less tdp cause now im running in reds… I hate dutch electro costs… ~ Twizted, PiMP Beta Team

Recycle that Heat!

As winter approaches, profits can come back by recycling your rig heat to warm your home or shop. Last year, melt was able to use free rig heat all winter long and never burned any fuel! You can run your furnace on “Fan only” and send the heat from the rigs to the heater’s return.

Crypto Tax Tips

If you are planning on declaring your mining income, the basic rule applies: Keep good records. If you have good records, then you can always explain where you got your numbers, and that almost always satisfies the tax officials.

Scan and save all hardware receipts and invoices for expenses such as electrician and HVAC subcontractors if you plan to expense any of this. 3 Roadmap Report 3 development is right on time. We’ve been incorporating tons of new features while fixing up all the existing code. Most notable is the multi-user capability. You will be able to assign Farm Managers so you can give management access to your partners or staff to help manage your entire farm. Private farms can also share with select persons having read only access.
Your voice and feature requests have been heard. We now will have a Dark Mode, for easier monitoring on the eyes, as well as some business features such as dynamic PDF invoices, and group control of your rigs.

PiMP OS Roadmap Report

Image 2.8.3 beta was a success, and PiMP 2.8.4 is expected to be released by early October. This is a complete revamp and brings us to the next generation of Ubuntu, which sets the foundation for the PiMP 3.0 platform.
New miners and coins: In just a few short months, we have added over 8 new miners (and cleaned up a few outdated ones) as well as added over 150 new coins, algorithms, and examples to PiMP. We regularly watch sites like whattomine, and participate in hundreds of mining community discords and forums to stay on top of the hottest mining coins, so we can make it easy for you to mine them.

Notable new coin algorithms that are hot right now: ProgPoW, several Cryptonight variants, and several Equihash variants.

Support Team Shout Outs

Welcome to the Beta Team to TheNexus, CyberPerson, and ToeKnee; and welcome back to some betas who were gone for a while. We appreciate working with you to make PiMP and the best that they can be!

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Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting: Introducing DocDrydenn’s New Column

Beginning this month, DocDrydenn, one of the newest PiMP OS Support Team members, will write a regular column for the PiMP OS Monthly Newsletter, detailing the ups and downs of his relationship with the number one cryptomining operating system – PiMP OS. Be sure to check out “Doc’s Cryptomining Triage” in each PiMP OS Newsletter!

Doc’s Cryptomining Triage

Hello fellow PiMPs! For those who frequent the PiMP Discord channel or the PiMP OS forum have probably already met me, but for those who haven’t, let me introduce myself: You all know me as DocDrydenn, but don’t let that name fool you – I’m no Doctor, …but I did play one in Battlefield 4… <crickets?> Anyway, everyone just calls me Doc.
I just retired from 20 years of enlisted active duty service in the US Navy. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) First Class Petty Officer (E-6). As an AT, my base training is electronics, but don’t let the “Aviation” part fool you… Trust me, electrons flow exactly the same here on the ground as they do in the air. I’ve worked on all sorts of electronics ranging from simple power supplies all the way up to extremely complex weapon RADAR systems. I served on-board three US Naval ships, USS Saipan LHA-2 (Amphibious Assault Ship), USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 (Nuclear Aircraft Carrier), and the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 (also a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier). I have worked on numerous aircraft, from helicopters to fighter jets.
Back in 2011, I got hooked on Distributed Computing, specifically SETI@Home. I saved up some money and built a 10 GPU rig to help search for E.T. It was fun for a while, but I wanted to try something else. Sometime in January of 2018, I decided I would give cryptomining a try. I reconfigured my SETI@Home machine into a cryptomining rig and have loved every part of it.

The best part of PiMP OS (besides how awesome it is) is the community that comes with it. Part of being in a community is helping others, so when fellow PiMP’s need help, I jump at the chance to get them back up and running. As I always say, PiMP’s helping PiMP’s.
My vision for “Doc’s Cryptomining Triage” is to share with you my collection of tips, tricks, and troubleshooting methods that I’ve found to be most useful.
To start this column out right, let’s cover a very common issue a lot of PiMP’s might come across: PiMP OS keys not validating.
99.8% of the time, this is a very quick and easy fix. After flashing the PiMP OS image to your SSD, make sure you eject/unmount the drive (or power down the host machine) before disconnecting it. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to re-flash the PiMP OS image to your drive and follow the eject/unmount process. That’s it. Simple fix.
Okay, maybe not the most exciting, but this column is already long enough. I promise a much more indepth and helpful Cryptomining Triage post in the next PiMP OS newsletter. Until then, feel free to jump into the PiMP Discord channel and hit me up. You PiMPs stay PiMPy!
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