Overview of rc13 release

Hey PiMPs just wanted to let you know there’s some new updates released in time for Valentines Day. Although we posted the changelog on the product pages I also wanted to provide some commentary and opportunity for you to comment and ask questions. 🙂

Besides updated miners, new pascal miner, and lots of other bug fixes for performance and reliability… We made minerfarm much more reliable, stable, and capable. You can now remote switch and reboot rigs and agent services, and more. The helpme, pimp –test and other troubleshooting tools continue to get better and more useful…. And more!

Glad to see all of your support as we continue to refine and release updates and features to your PiMP rigs! See you on IRC!

How to update to rc13

So, the rc13 release of pimp1.9 and pimp2.0: available 2 different ways:

#1: (2.0 only at this time.) Your My Downloads section on getpimp.org always should have the latest release build. So your download links were updated to the rc13 links. Yes, I know that it shows a couple different links for each version, this is because we made the website provide you all versions of PiMP that work with your key, no matter what version you “checkout with”.

#2: Run command pimpup in your PiMP terminal, and it will self-update pimpup as well as all pimp and miner.farm software and default conf files automatically! Then, the only other changes to bring your rig up to rc13 are: Update (install) sgminer-pascal miner. Both of these are menu items available in pimpup. Then if you like, you can also do: apt update && apt -y upgrade to install all the Ubuntu system package updates. (On 1.9, to fix a bug, you should also do: apt install -y gnome-screenshot )


2.0 rc13 released on 2017-02-07
Includes all pimpups released since rc10, and:
updated all PIMP software, confs and profiles to 20170202
installed all OS bug fixes and updates to 20170202
added sgminer-pascal for pascal gpu mining on amd
added nicehash support via pimpup (can substitute it in place of sgminer-gm and use same confs and profiles)
updated pimp –stop to accept pimp –stop all (use yes | pimp –stop all
for scripts)
updated rb to do a hard sysrq reboot for better recovery of stuck gpus
added amdmeminfo by ystarnaud and zuikkis for more troubleshooting info
updated and enhanced helpme output with more commands
updated pimp –test to show more output, have better error checking, and provide command line of the miner.
updated minerfarm client to provide remote rig rebooting, switching, profile viewing, as well as enhanced feedback from the agent to the web app
updated minerfarm client so the miners keep running even when the minerfarm service stops.
fixed bug in 1.9 where bashrc was in the profile and blocking some pimpups
fixed bug in 2.0 where there was a typo on the RDP prompt
fixed bug in 1.9 where helpme url was not generated
fixed bug in 1.9 where screenshot tool was not installed in the gui
Fixed XMR default confs to use new PiMP XMR Wallet (Non-Bittrex)
Fixed GPU datagather for hardware data (work in progress)
Several miner updates including optiminer-zcash-amd and claymore-zcash-amd
Updates for reliability on the agent

1.9/2.0 rc10 released on 2016-12-22