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More advanced tuning for performance.

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So far, we are working on Guides, Videos, and special guest blogs for:
* Rig building
* Knowing What to mine and when
* Troubleshooting
* Advanced Config and Tuning
* GPU modification and tweaking
* Mass deployment tricks
* other super secret awesome experimental mining tactics from PiMP laboratories and friends!!!

How to use Claymore Dual miner [on nVidia] by SEH

Update from melt: Claymore Dual v9.1 is now included in pimpup for easy deployment and works with both AMD and NVIDIA cards. Special thanks to SEH from the PiMP Testing/Support team for finding the time between his studies to help us with this awesome photo guide to...

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Existing Requests:
Michel LaV. wants “GPU modification and tweaking”

Thank you for your requests!!! Keep them coming so we know what you want!


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