The fastest and easiest way to monitor and control your mining rigs.


Instantly identify problems

View your rigs in realtime. Alert View. Customized alert profiles. And More.


Completely secure

All communications are via secure SSL tunnel with no port forwards. Completely custom from the ground up.


Remote control

Control your entire farm from anywhere using our hosted secure web application.

By miners, for miners, makes it easy. is a professionally hosted SaaS program to manage rigs. It allows you to monitor and manage mining farms and rigs using a visual web interface with graphing and alerts. It has a small agent that installs onto any linux-based mining rigs and communicates with mining sofware using their APIs. The client is also built-in to PiMP-NG and PiMP Classic v1.8+.

Control your entire farm from one web app.

View all of your pools, rigs, devices, and alerts with a click.

View problems at a glance on your mobile.

How it works:

1. Install your favorite Linux distro.

We recommend the latest Ubuntu Server 64-bit. But any linux distro which can run recent compilers and dev libraries should work. PiMP Classic v1.8+ has minerfarm pre-installed.

2. Download PiMP-NG App or Client for Linux

Download the installer, type few quick commands into your linux terminal, enter your key, configure your rig and mine!

3. Create a account.

Create your account at, choose subscription level, and then grab your API keys to put in your rigs for SSL Secured communications with no port forwards! PiMP Classic 1.8+ purchases will give you a PIMPFARM API key built in, so you can monitor your PiMP rigs with or without a subscription!

Save 10% of your diagnostic time with