Introducing PiMP Classic

The easiest image-and-boot mining platform ever.


Mining made simple.

Write PiMP software on a drive. Boot it. Enter your key. You’re mining. Easy enough? You bet.

Examples included

Sample configurations for many algorithms are ready out of the box. Plug in your pools and go!

Trusted by miners

Over 100,000 downloads since the first beta in 2012. Miners make more with PiMP.

By miners, for miners, PiMP makes it easy.

PiMP Classic is the original PiMP mining distribution. It has been the standard for linux rig design since its inception in 2012. Basically it is a linux image already installed and completely configured as a mining rig, with lots of software and tools miners need. This has been a great blessing in getting new miners started as well as giving experts a very easy-to-deploy solution for their farms.

PiMP Classic has several ways to monitor and control your rigs:

  • Controlling a PiMP rig using the terminal interface.
  • Monitoring all PiMP rigs remotely from website using minerfarm client with PIMPFARM key assigned at purchase.
  • Controlling all PiMP rigs remotely from website using minerfarm client with paid account keys.

Simply complete checkout to get your download links and keys! One key per rig.

Control GPUs, CPU miners, and ASICs with ease.

Install and update miners instantly with pimpup.

Monitor and Control your fans with gputool.

Built-in diagnostics so we can support you better.

Custom PiMP Editor checks your work to save silly mistakes.

Simple command line tools make it easy for new terminal users.

How it works:

1. Image

Download the image from this site (links below) and write to your disk of choice. (Install instructions are in the Knowledgebase.)

2. Boot

Start up the rig. It will start mining after it boots, to the PiMP default settings. These are very conservative just to test mining is working. Then you can tune your cards settings for performance.

3. Configure your PiMP Rig.

Use the tools provided to edit your pools and settings and you are hashing! It’s that simple.

Read this before buying:

* Recommended PiMP Classic for most users: Latest version Compatible with your GPUs.
* You will have to complete checkout to get the download links. (See product description for more details.)
* Terms and Conditions, Policies can be found at
* Minimum Hardware Required: 64-bit System, Compatible GPUs, 16GB or greater SSD.

What version for my GPUs?

* RX400-series GPUs require PiMP 2.0 or greater! They will not work on 1.9!
* Some 200-series GPUs such as 270X require PiMP 1.9 series! They will not work on 2.0!
* NVIDIA Not yet supported – but don’t worry, we’re on it! πŸ™‚
* For more details about your particular setup, visit IRC to speak with other pimps!!!


* CPU mining
* ASIC mining


* AMD R7/R9 SERIES (270/270/290/370/390)
* CPU mining
* ASIC mining