Introducing PiMP-NG

(in development, not yet available)

The next generation of mining rig management software for Linux.

All Terminal, All the time

The entire application can be run via a simple SSH terminal. No web server needed!

All SSL Encrypted

All communications with are encrypted using SSL. No more port forwarding!

"Roll your own" support

If you prefer to install your own linux and/or GPU drivers, you can use pimp-ng to make it a mining rig very easily.

Easy-to-use GUI in your terminal!

PiMP-NG is a modern mining management platform that installs as a program over top of an existing linux box. Now you can simply install linux, install PiMP-NG, and you will have what you need to mine coins. No imaging or USB sticks. Also, no webserver or port forwarding is required, as PiMP-NG rigs communicate over secure SSL sockets to each other, and if you would like remote control and monitoring, to webgui. Yes, this means that you no longer have to run a webserver on the rigs!

Control GPUs and ASICs in the same software.

Install and update miners with ease.

How it works:

1. Install your favorite Linux distro

We recommend the latest Ubuntu Server 64-bit. But any linux distro which can run recent compilers and libraries should work.

2. Buy & Download PiMP-NG

Purchase one copy of PiMP-NG per rig that you want to control. Then install it.

3. Configure your PiMP Rig

Run PiMP by typing pimp-ng at the terminal. It will walk you through the rest.

Still in development, Not available for Order now.

Bitcoin checkout temporarily turned off due to UASF in Bitcoin, for more info, check and here and here ~ We will turn it back on when it is safe to do so. Paypal is still active.