Thanks for the efforts that you and the others have put toward making mining as painless as possible.

I’ve been a follower since 2014, but have only recently blown the dust off my old rigs and gotten back into mining. Once I got the systems to light up correctly, I had to setup all the appropriate drivers and miners on Windows and deal with it’s inherent instabilities. It didn’t take long to realize that a pre-packaged mining system with built-in GPU drivers, preferably Linux based, was the way to go if you value your time at all. I ordered PiMP Classic, installed the image to my drive and was up and running in five minutes due to the pre-made configuration files built in to the system. Simply edit one file to add your wallet and pool information and you’re running. It took as long to get the first rig operational with PiMP as it did to complete but one of the dozens of reboots the Windows based miners had taken to get going correctly. By the time you load and configure Windows and all its software add-ons, you’ve spent far more than $25 worth of time which is the price of admission to PiMP. And that’s assuming you just happen to have a copy of Windows laying around.

All said and done, PiMP is the quickest, most painless way to get mining alt-coins with a stable system. The 24/7 support system is IRC based and is one click away once your system is loaded. My IRC experience with the three team members has been great. They are truly helpful.