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Review By: Louis

I tried Hivos and for me it was very confusing with no real user guide to follow, and it seems you have to restart the rig twice in order for Hiveos to log you in. Also, I found using claymore dual miner it was difficult to configure using Hivos drop down menu and...

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Review by: TRB_1990

Hi! I have recently jumped over from Nicehash to Pimp OS and I am starting figure out this thing. I love that It is possible to start and stop "Miners" from the web-interface. That nice. :smiley: [...] (edited out technical support questions) B.t.w., I am so happy to...

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Review by: jg31065

so, I've been mining for a while. Always Linux, but never PiMP. Then I tried it. The software is as good or better than all of the other Linux platforms I've used -- BUT -- the PiMP community is AWESOME!!! The support of the tech staff and other users alike, idea...

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Review by: Robert

So far, this OS is awesome. All of the people here are super friendly and knowledgeable. Anytime I have a question or problem, they are always there to help, no matter how stupid the question may be. Thank you to all of those who helped me. Your support is greatly...

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Review by: PiotrG

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for giving us this awesome distro! I can't believe I used Windows 10 for so long, endless problems, random crashes and reboots. Props to you all!

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Review by: tom.h

Been mining for 13 hrs with no problems...buzzing as was never able to do the same on windows,had so many issues i nearly gave up...love the support,forum and power of this product......GO PIMP

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Review by: selfhighfive

cheers for the OS - so nice not having to spend an age messing with configs and drivers - Linux and plug n play is now a thing thanks to you guys!

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Review by: BloodyX

If you don't want to get your head crushed because of GPU drivers go on with PIMP. It's better together. And STABLE.

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Review By: krzivn

I got started with PimpOS over 6 months ago... zero regrets. The support, the community are fantastic. Regular updates keep Pimp not just relevant but in the lead. Keep it up guys!

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