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I would like to express special thanks to blackice for helping me with PIMP settings and running the farm! Now I’m sure that with any questions related to the settings and operation of the operating system, you can safely apply to the forum for support and find it there. Such responsive people like blackice will come to the rescue immediately. The most important thing is that the support was provided in Russian! Now I will recommend PIMP OS to friends as an operating system with technical support in Russian! Respect blackice! Forward PIMP!



Same here. Pimp is awesome and the support is really good


New comer here, no issues. Just wanted to give a thanks for an easy to use and great working piece of software. I had been reluctant to switch over. But a friend of mine that runs a place up in Montana recommended PiMP and I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks.


You do a great job [Pimp Team] Many other channels need your advertisement. The pimp os works awesome. Mined $1,900 with it and traded up to $6,100 and then paid off my car. To others out there the software works extrememely well. Just have to edit config accordingly to your system.


Melt, and the pimp team: Thanks for a great product.. got my machine up a mining a day ago.. Everything went pretty smooth. $8 balance of Zcash in about 28 hours


I currently run over 400 GPU systems with PiMPs nvidia distro. This software is by far the most flexible I have worked with in a large scale environment. I have tried all other major mining distros and this is the one we have set as the standard for our machines. The support is top notch and any and all issues are addressed as quickly as one could hope for. The PiMP team is constantly working to improve all aspects of its product from documentation to the user experience to the core software package. No other product in this market can compare to the support you will receive from the team. If you are on the fence about this product, dont be. It is well worth the money.


PiMP worked for me with minimal effort, i bought it for 2 rigs in the beginning, and i bought it again when expanding further. There is no perfect tool in the market, but PiMP by far has the best support hands down. No matter how tiny, your issues will always be addressed.


OS is very straight forward. I love having the pcfg files to work with versus other miners and the guides and live chat have been amazing. Miner.Farm just started messing with and seems amazing. Much props and much love to the support crew.


I purchased PiMP mining OS when I built my first mining rig. It was easy to setup using the detailed guide on their website. I’m using SSH to communicate with my rig and it’s flawless. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’ll definitely use PiMP again when I’m building my second rig in the future.


You guys are great! I am a super computer illiterate. I just set up a mining rig and the PIMP team has been nothing but a great help the entire way! I couldn’t have done any of this without there help!

Thanks again!


I started Crypto Mining 1 Month Ago, I started with Windows 10, as I am a windows guy for over 25 years and has been on Mac now for 5 years as User, Programmer and Admin… But NO Linux. I was searching the web for something easy, well documented, powerful and tweakable, which will allow me to take out the maximum power of my RIG. I tried lucking for AMDs Card without luck, so I got NVIDIA Card , my favorites for Gaming, against what every blog said. I found PIMP read everything in there web page I felt they were no just another Software, but a Full package Operative system with Real Miners Enthusiasts and Engineers that use their own product and understand the needs of the Mining community. I Purchased with so much hope it will be what I need… I WAS RIGHT This is what any crypto miner needs! My Rig is producing more MHs at a lower power consumption, at least 25% more cost effective than using Windows.

The system works “out of the box” you just need to change the wallet address, but I encourage you to go deeper and learn it. Just like cooking or fixing the car, you got to put love on it and get dirty.

Is easy to follow the documentation and there is an outstanding community behind this Operative system. DO NOT Think is gong to be next,next,next,Done! Nothing in the crypto mining world is like that, this is a new fresh adventure and you need to be willing to spend time to learn, understand make mistake and try again. Is easy to use if you follow all the steps. I purchased other OS like Simple OS, EthOS and i will not use them again since they were a lot more complicate, without direct developer support.

I recommend you to get PIMP, enroll in the Community Channel using Discord and START. If I see you around I will help you myself as a lot of people have help me. Read the Guide https://getpimp.org/guide2/ without jumping read step by step and you will be ready for your journey.

WELCOME To the PiMPs Club!


So, I’ve been mining on Pimp now for 6 weeks, and like most people trying a new Operating System (OS) was nervous to say the least, having been a Windows man on my life!

Melt, Lily the founders (co-founders no sure which way round that should be), dbct and the rest of the crew are friendly, open, honest, give you the time of day, have the technical know-how, and the human touch that has help me grow in understanding, confidence in using the Pimp OS system, and in with the live chat feature, allows me to have access not only to their expertise (which is amazing!), but to other fellow mining user’s, and it’s vibrate mining community spirit of helping each other out, and of course, having some chill out friendly banter about what ever the day has brought to us

In my opinion, as long as you are open minded to learning new things, and tinkering the bios settings, riser cards,GPU’s, and if you wish overclocking and undervaulting the GPU’s, then I can say that Pimp OS will be for you. The key to remember here is it’s all about trial and error in the first days or even weeks of starting out. The support is first class, and as I’ve said above Melt, Lily, dbct and the rest of the crew will give you all the support, pointers, advice, anecdotes when you’ll feeling frustrating that you will ever need to keep you going and get your rig working!

I still use Windows 10 re testing overclocking and undervaulting as I’m still relatively new to Pimp OS, and this not only gives me the confidence in myself and my ability, but allows me then to take the settings and modify them over to the Pimp OS platform.

Thank you again melt, lily, dbct, thesmokingman, and the community (all the users via live chat), couldn’t of made such headway without your assistance!

Kind regards,

Louis 🙂


PiMP is, well, pimp. It really takes a lot of the hassle out of getting setup. The great support and community make it a fantastic product for beginners and experts alike.

WebPimP Novice User

Stumbled upon PiMP OS while trying to decide which OS to use for mining. With very limited knowledge of linux, it worked quite well. Easy to setup & install in minutes, no worrying about drivers (all were pre-configured to work as I needed), etc. Support @melt was a huge help when trying to tweak the remote desktop functionality – quick responses and had a working solution the same morning.


I was looking for a mining OS with Nvidia and I stumbled on PIMP. What a lovely OS! I have received a lot of help from the support channel (especially @melt who showed real patience with such a newbie like me!) and I have resolved all of my problems! Guys, great job here! Please keep it up! I love PIMP already!


PiMP is pretty great once you get it working. The main problems we had were just re-using an old HDD we had. Even though it wasn’t the PiMP team’s problem, they still spent hours in the help channel with me. @cdenczek especially, also @melt and @dbct as well. Awesome team, very generous with their time.


Wonderful team. I hadn’t the first clue how to get the config up and running. This guy Deuceminer02 and melt and dbct had me sorted in no time. Super helpful guys. So happy. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!


Dear Pimp,

Wel today is my second day and i am happy with the support nice guys all. But the explanation was a littel confused and need to be clear
step by step explanation would be uderstandible.

Stilll i am new and i love it i hoop we will work together 😀
with pimp software

Best Regards,


PiMP makes mining a simple plug and play process. Very easy configuration, updating, and support. This project continues to improve.


I am very new into mining and into linux world. I spent 3 days on the internet reading and following tutorials on how to mine ethereum, with no success.
I found out about PIMP and I gave it a try, I bought 1 copy and installed it. It was easy to install and to get it running. I had few issues (not with PIMP) , but mostly because I’m not used to linux and new to mining, support team gave me a lot of help in their IRC channel, and in just few hours I bought and set up 5 copies of PIMP and got a Farmer membership into their farm to follow all my rigs. I am still gonna add more PIMP into my farm for sure.


So far so easy, really made my transition into crypto easy again.


Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, the PiMP and Miner.farm platform makes managing your mining operation a breeze. They have an amazing group of people working hard to continually make improvements and support is never hard to find. Continued updates and new features are so easy to implement with the pimpup feature! I can’t say enough about how pleased I have been using PiMP! I want to give a big thanks to the bright minds at PiMP for their hard work and dedication to this product.


Chat Support @melt is responsive, helpfull, and kind. I am new to PiMP, but not new to mining. I can say this is the first vendor I have run into in the two years of mining that is friendly on the first date;) I hope to be PiMP’n my CUDAs, DEONs, S9s, and T9s in the future, keep up the good work!


I truly believe that PiMP OS is becoming the to-go tool for all miners abroad, whether you are a beginner or an expert at mining! The fact that the community is so helpful, aiding me through the process of getting my home rig up and running, shows how dedicated the people developing the software are! I also found it easier to use than other linux-based, or even, Windows-based tools and operating systems, such as EthOS. Additionally, what really put the cherry on the cake was the integrated support with miner.farm, where I can monitor all the activity of my rigs from the comfort of my phone. To anyone looking for an easy-to-use, yet very powerful operating system to handle your mining rigs, become a PiMP and get PiMP OS!


I have used just about every os for mining and believe that pimp has made a good decision on the $25 key that not a lot of money and every time I had a problem support help wright away a lot of work has gone into building pimp so don’t think the little bit of money they are asking for a key should be a problem also simpleming is going to start charging $2 a month for each rig a month I had suggested doing a key like pimp

— Posted on bitcointalk.org


I wanted to thank melt for being a true professional and going above and beyond to get me set up with Pimp.  My first mining rig back in 2014 was a PIMP rig.  As you can see above I was a little hesitant to go back to it but after spending some time with the Devs on IRC I decided to go all in with Pimp.

I absolutely love it, by far the best solution out there and I have used and tried them all.  And the professionalism of the Team made it a no brainer for me. 


There are many things you need to know getting a good Rig running on Linux and get the most of Hashes from the Electricity you buy for it. PIMP makes it much easier to get more Hashing Power from the Card´s you got as Windows can ever offer.

The Support is working really hard to get your Rig up and running and they have very nice features build in that can help you figuring out where the problem is. Beeing relatively new to PIMP, I learned to love it in just a few days.

While it took me 2 days of figuring out that one of my riser cards have died and one of the switches in the house gone dead which killed Network frequently, using the build in helper tools it was relatively clear to see where the problem was…



Well after getting pimp tonight and setting it up im so happy with the performance so far with a single r9 380 mining etc getting 22mh/s tho on windows was getting 19mh/s and support was very helpfull

i will be buying pimp for my other mining rigs next month when i have them all built


If like me you are fed up to troubleshoot your RIG, don’t hesitate anymore and get PIMP, surely the best way to build a reliable and efficient RIG, all the actual miner are already compiled, u can mine what ever u want in 10 min, moreover u can manage and monitor your RIG with miner.farm agent,so u can set your RIG up or switch from a coin to another with a simple click.

So join PIMP community and have fun with mining !



So I was testing windows, ubuntu, and then stumbled upon PiMP. this has been great and being a windows guy has forced me to learn about linux more. you have made this very user friendly!


favourite things: i can edit all things and after this all i need to do is just power off or power on my farm. 😀
even i can use PIMP! If you want to make your mining easier – get a PIMP. Confirmed!


im a fellow pimp customer its a grate os and it only $25 and is updated all the time to keep you minning the best it can be I would have payed much more for the os and best of all you get free support

Its no matter you level these guys are here almost 24 7 to teach you something new


im into a crosshair, between Pimp and others, i decided by Pimp due i believe into project and team (also support 🙂 )


NICE!, so far love your support and attention to users! Keep up the good work!


Great work, you guys actually have a product that can be used by anybody, not just the big guys!


Thanks for the efforts that you and the others have put toward making mining as painless as possible.

I’ve been a follower since 2014, but have only recently blown the dust off my old rigs and gotten back into mining. Once I got the systems to light up correctly, I had to setup all the appropriate drivers and miners on Windows and deal with it’s inherent instabilities. It didn’t take long to realize that a pre-packaged mining system with built-in GPU drivers, preferably Linux based, was the way to go if you value your time at all. I ordered PiMP Classic, installed the image to my drive and was up and running in five minutes due to the pre-made configuration files built in to the system. Simply edit one file to add your wallet and pool information and you’re running. It took as long to get the first rig operational with PiMP as it did to complete but one of the dozens of reboots the Windows based miners had taken to get going correctly. By the time you load and configure Windows and all its software add-ons, you’ve spent far more than $25 worth of time which is the price of admission to PiMP. And that’s assuming you just happen to have a copy of Windows laying around.

All said and done, PiMP is the quickest, most painless way to get mining alt-coins with a stable system. The 24/7 support system is IRC based and is one click away once your system is loaded. My IRC experience with the three team members has been great. They are truly helpful.



good day. I wanted to say thanks to dbct for all the time he spent trying to help me get my rig up and running last week. We spent over 12 hours prob. haha he was very patient and educational. Even though i will end up waiting for the upgrade i will be purchasing more in the future

I could go on to say so much more. I told him he could get ahold of me anytime when he wasn’ t busy and he basically said lets work on it now and try to get you taken care of. The time you guys spend with each customer is priceless!!! Thank you


Meister-T: I am familiar with crypto-currencies for a while now.
But I thought it was too technical for me, to set it all up etc.
When i found out about how easy PiMP was, i just had to try it for myself.

I now can recommend the PiMP software even to friends who are far away from mining coins.
It’s that simple. Counting from 1 to 3 and you are up and running.
Or as i would like to say ‘Take it easy. Get PiMP, start mining.


Used the older version with my scrypt asics so I have been waiting for this. Being my first cpu miner this has been a learning experience from day one. I tried a competitors mining OS and while it is a good start it is still in its infancy. I had to fool with it, tweaking settings for a couple of hours to get it above 90mHs. It worked well when it was working. Still too many bugs. When I heard about the PIMP update I bought it and burned it straight to an SSD. Straight out of the box it is averaging 90.5 mHs. Just plug and play. My Linux experience helped but it is still quick and easy to get up and running.
Great job
My thanks to the whole team!
Now I am off to investigate miner.farm.

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