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The voice of the miners is in PiMP.
Check out these reviews from the PiMP community:

Review by: PiotrG

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for giving us this awesome distro! I can't believe I used Windows 10 for so long, endless problems, random crashes and reboots. Props to you all!

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Review by: tom.h

Been mining for 13 hrs with no problems...buzzing as was never able to do the same on windows,had so many issues i nearly gave up...love the support,forum and power of this product......GO PIMP

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Review by: selfhighfive

cheers for the OS - so nice not having to spend an age messing with configs and drivers - Linux and plug n play is now a thing thanks to you guys!

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Review by: BloodyX

If you don't want to get your head crushed because of GPU drivers go on with PIMP. It's better together. And STABLE.

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Review By: krzivn

I got started with PimpOS over 6 months ago... zero regrets. The support, the community are fantastic. Regular updates keep Pimp not just relevant but in the lead. Keep it up guys!

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Review by: techron

A group of us first starting mining originally with EthOS. As we learned more about Crypto currency in general, it became more obvious over time that EthOS was not fulfilling our needs. After purchasing PiMP, in retrospect, I wish we would have started our mining...

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Review by: Catch22

I'm so glad I chose PiMP. I was close to pulling the trigger on a different OS that I knew had drawbacks but I just did not want to maintain all the Ubuntu packages on my own anymore or deal with Windows instability. The amount of time I saved by switching to PiMP and...

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Review by: CryptoInfo.Net

I've finally had some time to set miner confs up and what not, hook agents to the miner.farm, i have to say I am very impressed with the built in features, seems like everything i click on shows me something i did not know i wanted but now do. Not being a Linux guy, I...

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Review by: TCWMin3r

Once I got my mind wrapped around the basics (with the help of the PiMP Cr3w on Discord) I was able to start mining. Two solid days of mining so far with a 0.00% Reject rate. PiMP is stable. PiMP is solid. If its the $35 fee (more like a donation) that is giving you...

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