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My rig is small but special! It is the showcase in my living room.

Thermaltake Mozart TX has one door at each side, can carry two
motherboards at one time,

has optimal air flow skills and low noise levels. Now, just one Titan Z
is in for testing,

but another Titan Z will follow, and the case is big enough to carry
three Titan Z or four GTX Titan cards!

On the other side there is place for an additional MiniITX mainboard,
but I think when time is cumming!

on my rig is pimped by a big water cooling system on this side, or just
a mini bar! mhmh!!!

At the moment it is burned by one BeQuiet! DarkPowerPro10 1200W PSU.

Is something getting to hot, I have to call WhiskyBravo! Baby, come on
and open your wings for me!