Hello miners! We have a lot to announce here, and we will keep it brief:

getPiMP.org is now an entire suite of crypto software products and services. Since we have a lot of things to offer the mining community we are no longer doing our work for free, but we think you will find our pricing model reasonable and affordable. You will be able to purchase PiMP and PiMP-NG using our secure website, using credit/debit payment via Paypal and BTC via Coinbase.

PiMP Classic, the original PiMP mining platform, has been fully updated and enhanced with many new features. We now support Ethereum and other new algos, updates are working, and it’s easier to get support. We are also planning a PiMP nVidia edition, something we have wanted to do for years.

Miner.farm has been completely revamped and is a fully SSL-encrypted client-server SaaS (Software-as-a-service) hosted web application used to remotely monitor and control your rigs from anywhere. The client can be installed on most linux machines that can run perl and a few other small dependencies, including newer Raspberry Pis.

PiMP-NG is the Next Generation of PiMP. This will be a program that you can download and install on top of an existing linux machine. This will allow PiMP to become available without imaging. Stay tuned for more news regarding this project.

The new website showcases all of these advancements, and more. We have migrated all of the old website data, news, wiki, knowledgebase, and even the PiMP RIGS!

We will be providing support via IRC chat and website ticketing system, and we are planning a paid PiMP Premium Support option called PiMP Muscle in the coming months.

There is no hidden code used in PiMP, or anything that would cause us to lose the trust of the community. We compile our own code when needed to protect it from being stolen. The PiMP default confs and profiles mine to the PiMP wallet by default, but this is obvious and easily changeable. This is the best way to have the rig in a “known-good configuration baseline” to start with. It is also how we do our testing before release.

Happy mining and by all means come join our vibrant crypto community in IRC where we collaborate and help one another squeeze every last hash out of our hardware!