PiMP Return Policy:

You can return a product to PiMP if you meet the following conditions:

    1. You make your return request within 14 days of receiving your product or service.
    2. You have made a reasonable attempt to contact support using livechat or email and followed the instructions that were given.
    3. You have powered off and deleted your software from your rig. PiMP does not process a refund unless all copies of the software have been powered off and deleted and no longer in use.
    4. You purchased directly from getPiMP.org. To return a PiMP product purchased from a reseller, contact your reseller.
    5. Hardware problems are not eligible for a refund.
    6. Your product is eligible for return. Products not eligible for return include:
      • Products obtained through an employee purchase program.
      • Not-for-resale (NFR), pirated, OEM bundled, trial, testing, or free-of-charge products.
      • Business services, such as miner.farm, that provide immediate access to an intangible online service. See your respective service’s refund and cancellation policy for additional details.
      • Products purchased from individuals, unauthorized online resellers, or online auction sites (such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace).
      • Products downloaded from an online reseller other than getPiMP.org and miner.farm, or authorized resellers listed on our PiMP Resellers page.
      • Products, or versions of products, that PiMP no longer distributes or supports.

Note: Original shipping and handling charges and Paypal fees are not refunded.

How to proceed:

If you pass all these criteria, contact sales@getpimp.org with your order number and we will be glad to assist you with the refund process.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability:

PiMP software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency and dependency on markets, operating systems, and third party software.

PiMP is not responsible for misuse, misconfiguration, hardware issues, destruction of property or bodily harm as a result of use of our product.

PiMP is not responsible for any loss of funds, fiat or crypto currency, or hashrate.

PiMP does not make any promises of future value of any tool or software provided, nor the use of any data derived from the use of PiMP.

The software is provided “as is.”

Best Practices to Protect your hardware from damage:

– DO remove anything easily flammable from the area around your rigs. Papers, bags, etc.

– DO check to be sure your power connections are tight all the way back to the building main panel.

– DO verify your wires are big enough to handle the current, preferably a little oversized, internal to the rig AND all the way back to the building main panel. If you have any doubt – any at all – replace it.

– DO make sure you are not overloading your circuits.

Software License Information:

PiMP, getPiMP, minerfarm, Miner.farm, the PiMP logo, all tools, code, and configuration files, all associated downloads, files, and images are the property of Portable Instant Mining Platform, LLC and are issued to licensed users only. Any attempt to resell, re-distribute, or re-use parts of PiMP work is not permitted. PiMP includes source code and binary work from 3rd party authors which is subject to those author’s licenses. PiMP License keys may be revoked at any time for abuse/fraud issues.

The PiMP Name, and “Portable Instant Mining Platform”: Trademarked, Artistic

The PiMP Logo, all banners, color schemes, and artwork in the releases, git repos, and on getPiMP.org: Trademarked, Artistic, owned by Portable Instant Mining Platform, LLC

Miner.farm, IFMI, Island Farm and Mining Implement and all content on https://miner.farm: Trademarked, Artistic, owned by Portable Instant Mining Platform, LLC

All code not marked as GPL licensed: especially code that is compiled or obfuscated: Trademarked, Artistic, Commercial License, owned by Portable Instant Mining Platform, LLC

Debian Linux: GPL

AMD Catalyst and OpenCL Libraries: See AMD.com for details about their licenses.

NVIDIA(™) and CUDA Drivers and Toolkits: See Nvidia.com for details about their licenses.

sgminer and derivatives: GPL v3

cgminer and derivatives: GPL v3

Ccminer and derivatives: GPL v3

Transfer of Ownership:

PiMP licenses are granted upon the individual named on the GetPiMP.org Order at the time and date of the order. Licenses may not be shared, modified, or transferred to another individual and may be revoked at any time for violation of the PiMP Terms and Conditions.

Coupon Codes, Including Referral, Affiliate, or Resellers Programs:

PiMP coupon codes are granted upon the individual named on the GetPiMP.org Order at the time and date of the order. Referral Coupon Codes may not be shared, modified, or transferred to another individual. Any Coupon codes issued by getPiMP.org may be revoked at any time for violation of the PiMP Terms and Conditions, for suspected fraud or abuse, for spamming, or otherwise harming the reputation of PiMP in the community, without refund.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions:

Changes to this policy will be posted on getPiMP.org website.

Community Rules:

With tens of thousands of miners gathering at our forum and discord channel for the latest and greatest in the mining world, we need rules to help keep the place running smoothly and protect our broad group of users. So here are a few key pointers…

All info is the opinion of posters – it’s not our view. We have an amazing forum with a huge wealth of helpful info. Yet remember it’s open to all, and sometimes messages are posted that are misleading or downright wrong. Most users are helpful but there are always a few bad apples. Don’t rely on information being accurate or complete. If you do, it’s at your own risk. Please do your own research before acting.

We can be liable for what you post. When you post something, not only are you liable for what you say, but we can become liable too as the host. So it’s not a case of posting what you like, and we can delete posts if needed. Of course, our aim is to ensure legitimate information about running your best rig stays.

Posting is a privilege, not a right. This is a privately-owned site. Posting is a privilege, not a right. Any inappropriate posts or any issues that take up a disproportionate amount of resources or make it a worse place to be will be stopped at our discretion – with or without explanation. No one pays to use this site; when there are issues, we pay to resolve them. Sometimes we need to prioritize spending money on the site, other issues or better resources.

Please be nice to all Miners. That’s the forum motto. Remember, the prime aim is to help provide info and resources. If you don’t like someone, their situation, their question or feel they’re intruding on ‘your board’ then please bite the bullet and think of the bigger issue.

The rules listed below may be changed or amended at any time. These guidelines are here to give you a legitimate expectation of how the forum runs, but they don’t bind us.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

Incorporated in these terms and conditions. For full document and details: click “My Referrals” in the top navigation bar.

Regarding these Terms and Conditions:

Choice of Law: The laws of the getPiMP.org home state, Pennsylvania, United States, will govern if there is a dispute. All disputes will be resolved privately or in arbitration. In the event of a dispute, PiMP requires both PiMP and user to refrain from disclosing the other’s confidential information.

The written agreement is the whole agreement, and supersedes any prior discussions or understandings or agreements.