Recently NiceHash/WestHash introduced two new features regarding orders. We wanted to bring this to our PiMPs attention. Here is the short version:

1. Pool verificator: You can use our Pool verificator tool to verify pool’s compatibility before you submit your order – Pool verificator link is available on “Create new order” page.

2. Order lifespan: to avoid issues with endless and place-holder orders we introduced orders lifespan. When submitting an order it is automatically set to 15 days lifetime, after that period it will be automatically cancelled. All currently submitted orders (active or inactive) were set to 15 days lifespan as of today. Of course, any remaining funds will be refunded to your wallet in case of auto-cancellation. You will be notified by email before your order will expire so that you will be ready to submit new order if needed.

In the future upgrades we will also introduce a feature to set custom expire time for each order, but still with an upper limit. Currently we set default lifetime to 15 days but we can change this if you feel that it should be shorter or longer.