the testers and devs have been working up more guides for you.

a good reminder to all of you
if you want to get involved with pimp now is your chance
we are currently expanding in our test team department
you can fill in the first form via

Here is the guide on editing confs so far:
Here is some more about minerfarm:

Pictures and videos to follow… You can view our actual tracker for pimp marketing and website here:

Please let us know what videos and guides pimps want and we’ll make them for you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR ALL YOU NVIDIA MINERS OUT THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are ACTIVELY working on nvidia support. You can follow PiMP development more closely in our Livechat, #PiMP, by subscribing to our Assistant PiMP e-Newsletter on, following us on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

You can also see pimp2.0-nvidia rig(s) on the PiMP farm as we are creating and working on them, at any given time,

In 2017 we should have a pimp-2.0-nvidia release for you.