A lot of people have been asking us what these new algorithms are all about. These new and profitable algorithms are the big shots right now in the GPU mining world and PiMP has been rock solid in providing you with the tools you need to stay on the bleeding edge! Well, we have picked apart whats going on under the hood with all this stuff and brought the information to you in an easy to understand format!

These cryptocurrency algorithms have been created specifically for GPU mining and have been able to provide a good profitability to the PiMP community after the rise of large ASICs for Scrypt. It appears that each sub-algorithm result is then passed into the next sub-algorithm. We believe that making an ASIC for this is would be made more difficult by the fact that the hardware would need to have the logic gates for each algo on the entire chip, drastically increasing manufacturing complexity. On the other hand, X11-X15 only uses 536mb ram (or around there) so that will make up for some of the costs of the additional logic. Here are some of the algorithms we are mining right now and what is under the hood!


Credits to ugtarmas and ystarnaud from the PiMP team for reading all the whitepapers and compiling this awesome list for us and explaining what it all means!

More information on X11 FPGA mining development was found here