If you want to pay someone with Bitcoin, you send them special numbers on a special network. All the transactions get broadcast out like a radio station and if you tune in, then you can be a part of the network.

You can make money for getting your computer to think really hard crunching the numbers that everyone sends to the network. The more numbers you can crunch per second, the more money you earn.

We make it really easy to get your computer to be a part of the network. We then make it really easy to control all the details and tune it so you can crunch more numbers per second.

In other words, take a computer, add PiMP software, and you are earning money crunching numbers. You can build machines specially for this, or you can just do it when you are not using your computer.


Basically we are using hardware to mine Bitcoin and other crypto-coins, a process that uses large amounts of computer power to solve puzzles that verify and secure online transactions. Computers that find the correct solutions are given a prize—bitcoin currency—for solving them.