Announcement: ziftrCOIN-Qt Wallet Coming to PiMP 

We’re excited to announce that we have received the ziftrCOIN-qt wallet code and that we’re currently working to incorporate ziftrCOIN into the PiMP mining platform. 

ziftrCOIN is an innovative peer-to-peer internet currency developed by veteran e-commerce and technology company Ziftr to onboard the next 10 million cryptocurrency users. Positioned as a “gateway coin” to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, each ziftrCOIN has a minimum redemption value of $1 when spent in Ziftr’s merchant network, functioning similarly to a coupon. In late 2015, Ziftr will give away 300 million ziftrCOINs so that everyday consumers have an incentive to begin using cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

We were first introduced to Ziftr about a year ago when their CEO, Bob Wilkins, started using PiMP. In addition to ziftrCOIN, Ziftr has created a few other tools and applications designed to integrate with multiple cryptocurrencies to accelerate mainstream adoption. Definitely check out the Ziftr website when you get a chance to learn more about their strategy. 


What this means for you as a PiMP miner:

People that live and breathe crypto mining, combined with people that live and breathe e-commerce, all working together to make it easy for you to buy, mine, and spend coins!



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